Luggwoods Enchanted Forest, Halloween Train

Lat weekend, Neil and I took the kids to Luggwoods to hop on board their Halloween Train. We are huge Luggwoods fans, so when we were given the invite I immediately said yes! I knew we would not be disappointed and we certainly were not! As always, from the second you spot the Luggwoods sign as you drive in, you know something great is about to happen.

The scene was set so well, as always! With our kids excited before they even got out of the car. A new addition to Luggwoods was a coffee dock before you enter, in the car park. I think this is a great idea… some fuel for the parents before the train or for some hot chocolates to enjoy in the car on the way home. (We chose the latter!) They don’t accept card so make sure you bring some cash!

One thing Noa our 4 year old remembered from the Easter Train and also from their Christmas Train was the face painting before hand. She actually was excited the whole way in the car about it! She wanted to have her face painted as “Ana from Frozen”. Unfortunately, there was no face painting this time which she was a little disappointed about! She soon got over it mind!

I mentioned this to one of the owners who actually informed me they thought most kids would already have their face painted arriving, which I totally get. She took my point on board and told me from the next day there would be face-painting available. That is one thing I just love about Luggwoods is their commitment to make sure it is as enjoyable as possible for both the parents and the children. They are so accommodating and really take their feedback on board. (No pun intended!)

As always the experience started off with two fantastic girls leading us up to the train. They were really interactive with everyone on board and kept the children engaged throughout. We saw a fairy village, lots of huge spiders and my little ones favourite- we found clues throughout the forest to tell the witch when we got to her house. They loved spotting them and shouting out the answers (with a little whisper in the ear as 2 of mine can’t read yet!!).

We saw Luggwoods breath taking view of Dublin City which is a must see in itself. It looks so beautiful as it starts to get dark so if you can, I would try and book a later slot. But, it looks as beautiful in day light too!

When we arrived at the Luggwoods barn we were met with my favourite part of Luggwoods, their wizard. He was on their Easter Train as their Mad Hatter and back on their Halloween Train as a wizard. He is fantastic!!!! He really takes the energy up another level. He is so animated and really gets into it with the kids. He gets them motivated to dance and sing and really makes sure everyone is involved. For me he just brings such a level of joy and positivity to the whole experience he is a credit to Luggwoods.

We then met the witch and she was great too. We told her all of the ingredients we had found in the forest and made her potion. We got a family picture at this point! We then went into the next barn where the kids got to pick a pumpkin each and again another picture. I love these pictures, as so often we don’t actually take a family picture but it is so important to capture the memories that you and the little ones can look back on!

The children then got to carve out their pumpkins or decorate them which all of ours loved. Then…back to some dancing with the witch and the wizard. The kids just had so much fun. From start to finish as always, they were entertained.

At this point refreshments are also available. You can buy a light up wand or light for 5euro and the pictures are 10euro each or two for 15euro. They do accept card for the pictures.

If we had paid for our trip, for 2 adults and 3 children, it would have been 48.36euro (they have great family deals) which in my opinion is worth every penny. You get what you pay for an more from Luggwoods. It was such a lovely day out for us and for the kids.

For more information or to book a slot check out their website by clicking here

We were kindly invited on Luggwoods Halloween Train with no expectation of a review but I had to write a review because we loved it and I think you all will too. If you are looking to do something this midterm with the kids go to Luggwoods you will not be disappointed.

All opinions, as always are my own.

Everything you need to know about the new and improved Dublin Indoor Football

Kyle turned nine last month! And, like most nine-year olds he wanted a football party with all his friends. A couple of years ago, Kyle had his party in Dublin Indoor Football. He loved it, but I didn’t think much of it. It was a bit dark, a bit dreary and the place was just a bit all over the place. Fine for an adult 8 a side once a week but for a children’s birthday party I thought it could do with some improvement.

So, when I saw Dublin Indoor Football had changed premises I thought it was a great time to try it again. And I am so glad we did.

The Premises
Dublin Indoor Football have a brand-new Soccer Dome in Santry. It is the very first purpose-built Football Dome in Ireland. It is beautiful. Its so big and bright and full of life.

Everything is now on the one floor making it accessible for everyone, buggies and wheelchairs included. The pitches are all on the one level, with open plan party rooms in the middle of all the pitches. I love this change, it means from where ever you are in the dome you can see the children.

The whole place itself is spotless. Patricia kindly showed me around their brand-new changing rooms and toilets which are also spotless. The women’s toilet has a baby changing facility and is completely separate to everything else.

The Party

All parties are 2 hours long and include a referee for the duration, a party hostess to assist with set up, serve up and clean up.  Pitch side water, 4 large pizzas with your choice of
toppings, juices and a souvenir medal, plus party invitations.

They also offer various party packages to include medals and trophies. For me, the party host and the referee really made the party. From the second we walked in the referee had a big smile on his face and really encouraged the boys and got them excited. He kept them all engaged and involved for the entire party and he was really fantastic. Our party hostess was also great-she set up the party room, the pizzas, the cake etc. It really made the whole experience such a pleasurable experience for not only the birthday boy and his pals but also
his parents!!

Dublin Indoor football looked after EVERYTHING, you can’t ask for better than that!

The Food
The pizzas were delicious!! The were from Firehouse pizza and I would highly recommend them. There wasn’t one slice left!!

The Prices
Parties for 12 children are from €195,
15 to 20 children from €240,
Big Pitch parties for up to 30 children from €330

What else they offer

Pitch rates range from €40 per hour
5 a-side, 6 a-side and 9 a-side pitches for adult play
Suitable for adult and kids training, friendly weekly play, corporate events etc.

This is such a fantastic idea that I think all parents should know, Dublin Indoor Football have just recently launched

“Friday Football Fun”
Between 3pm & 6pm every Friday evening, for €5 per child they offer 90 mins play. Kids can come along on their own or with a group of friends and play on the pitch.  Join a game or practice your penalty shots, also cross bar challenge etc. Ideal for after school play dates!! Also a great idea if you wanted to do a little one on one time with your little one, as we often like to take turns with ours and do something special and fun every now and again with them. Don’t worry if they don’t bring a pal, they can join in with a game that’s being played when you arrive. Trust me, the staff are unbelievable and will make sure your little one fits right in.

**Disclaimer- we were gifted Kyle’s party in exchange for a review. But all words and opinions are my own. I only work with brands I truly love and I thank you for supporting me and the brands I chose to work with**

Malahide Marina Play Centre, Review

As a rule, I’m not a big fan of play centres. My little ones range over a few milestone ages, 10 months, 2 and a half, four and nine. Which in short, means I end up at one end of a play centre with the smallest, trying my very best to watch the rest in a bigger part.

My children though, adore going to a play centre. So, I go reluctantly and pray nobody gets hurt while I am 20 ft away in a different section, or that none of my smallest ones get an unintentional rugby tackle to the floor by an excited and very much bigger child.

Noa turned 4 last month and she decided she wanted her 4th birthday party in a play centre. She wanted a princess party and wanted to invite all her friends. This is where I first came across Malahide Maria Play Centre. It had been recommended to me by some friends, but I had never actually been. Well that was my first mistake.


Malahide Marina play centre is every parent’s dream. I’m going to tell you why-

The Play centre

The playcentre itself is a little smaller than other ones we have been to. In my opinion, this a big thumbs up!! It means everything is in the one place. There is no quick dash back and forth to keep an eye on everyone! The toddler area is actually part of the rest of the play centre but it is separated by a railings and it also has a “gate” to keep the smallies in and safe and the bigger ones out. It also, has a little ball pit which they love. This is one of my favourite bits about the play centre. It makes a massive difference to me as I mentioned, as a mum of three different age groups. It means I can be present with each one of them and sit in the baby area while also having a perfect view of the other two bigger ones.

It is spotless. The café area is spotless. The floor is spotless. The toilets are spotless. Which as we all know is a massive deal. Considering it’s a play centre. Often in play centre there is a smell where the nappy bin is. Not here, in any of the times I’ve been.

The staff members. I just can’t praise the staff members enough. Each and every single one I came across were friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in the kids. It just makes the visit to a play centre, which some mums can find a little overwhelming-a whole lot easier.

What they offer

  • The play centre opens 7 days a week. 10am-6pm
  • Monday-Friday before 12 entry is just 5euro
  • After Mid-day and weekends entry is 8euro, with a discounted 15euro for 2 children and 20euro for 3.

Tuesdays at 11am they have Rainbow Phil (a fav in our house!!)

Wednesdays at 11am they have Storytime

Thursdays at 11am the have Messy Play (also a fav in our house!!)


All at NO extra cost!


The food-

The food!!! The little café is absolutely unbelievable. One thing I can’t stand in most play centres, is their “in house” food only policy when their inhouse food is all unhealthy processed snacks and food. It’s not like that here. In Malahide Marina all the food is home made by their wonderful and so friendly in-house chef. A chef that is also happy to cater for your specific needs if you wanted something for your self or your little one that was not already prepared that day. If she can, she will make it for you.

They have homemade sandwiches, toasties, ciabattas, homemade brown bread, raspberry scones. Along with fruit bowls or loose fruit. Organix snacks and goodies. Water, smoothies, fruit juice. And most importantly, really good strong COFFEE. Because if you don’t order a coffee when you get to a play centre, are you even a parent?

The Party-

The parties are for 1 hour and 45 mins. Noa opted for a princess party which from start to finish was her absolute dream. When we arrived, we had two tables or parents or relatives to sit and watch, with views to every corner of the play centre (A huge pro in my opinion). We were greeted by a beautiful princess-Noa was in awe of her! As were most of the party goers!! The princess basically stayed with Noa for the entire party and was so lovely to Noa and all the other children. Interacting and playing with them in the actual play area and also in the party room.

The children had free play in the play area for the first hour. The princess stayed with Noa most of the time in here. One thing I just can’t stress enough is how lovely the staff are. There was 2/3 staff members in the play area watching and helping all the little ones. A massive thumbs up from me and most of the other parents. It made it feel very safe for me and that feeling it absolutely priceless. At one-point Briar (2) was up quite high climbing over a rope ladder and I did get a little fright when I saw her (she is our fearless one so I am used to her but it can still catch you by surprise every so often!!) but I quickly also saw a staff member right behind her. The staff member wasn’t telling her to ‘be careful’ or to ‘come down’ she was right behind her encouraging her to climb across ‘you can do it’. How amazing is that??

The next part of the party was into a party room at the back of the play centre. Which again was SPOTLESS and set up perfectly for the kids to have their food. They offer pizza, chicken goujans or cocktail sausages and chips. Or, I saw a party after Noa’s having some sandwiches and fresh fruit!

After the food they had the cake. Where Noa was made to feel like a real-life princess. Her cake was put on a table in the middle of the room and all her friends sat opposite and sang happy birthday. She really did feel like the ‘Belle of the ball’.

Next was some party games and face painting. All went down an absolute treat. Again, the staff members were unbelievable here. The princess and their staff member Josh were fantastic. The really got involved with each and every one of the kids. They had them all laughing and dancing.

At the end of the disco the princess gave Noa a birthday gift of a lunch box, a beaker and a tiara and she was smiling from ear to ear. A small little touch that made a huge difference to one little girls day!

They all got their face painted and then had an opportunity to go and play before their parents got there. I might have changed the time slightly if I had one small critique as it was hard to get them out!!!! But, to be honest each and every child had such a good time, no amount of extra time would have been long enough for them.

The following day the girls wanted to go straight back, and I have to say for the first time ever I really wanted to too. It was an absolute joy to have Noa’s birthday party there and I honestly could not recommend them enough.

If you have a birthday party coming up and you are thinking of a play centre, think Malahide Marina Play Centre. They ticked every single box for us and I do not have one negative from our whole entire day. It was a pleasure.

You can find Malahide Marina Play Centre on facebook, instagram or on their website .

**Disclaimer- We received Noa’s party in exchange for an honest review. But, as always, my thoughts and words are my own.**


Gemma Collins-Sentenced to one day at Litchfield Penitentiary

Better known for her regular appearances on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ but Gemma Collins is a long way from leafy Brentwood in a promotional trailer for the forthcoming sixth season of ‘Orange Is The New Black’.

The hilarious queen of memes, Gemma Collins dropped into Orange is the New Black’s Litchfield prison for a chat with Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) & Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) ahead of the launch of season 6 of the hit Netflix series.   From fashion to beauty, “The GC” shared a few top tips with the girls for navigating life on the inside with sass and style.

Orange Is The New Black Season Six

Picking up one week after the emergency response team stormed Litchfield Penitentiary, the ladies of Litch have been torn apart, literally and figuratively, as they enter a new facility in the sixth season of Orange Is The New Black. Now ​newbies, ​they ​must navigate new rules and power dynamics – starting at the bottom and getting hazed by inmates and tortured by guards. Friendships will be tested and new allegiances formed — some by choice and others by circumstance — as the women face a slew of charges from the riot. Will they take plea deals and turn on each other or band together and keep their bonds intact?

Orange is the New Black Season 6 will launch on Netflix on Friday, 27 July.

Gemma said: “I’ve always loved Orange is the New Black and getting to visit the set and hang out with the girls was an absolute blast. Those ladies know how to have a good time and are my sort of people.

“I was a bit nervous thinking I was going into a real-life prison, but it was all good. The sets were so realistic and once you see everyone in their costumes you forget you’re in a giant studio.”

“From the jungle to Big Brother,I’ve experienced my fair share of incarceration – to be honest, this was the most fun! I’ve told the ladies, the next time they’re in the UK, they’re coming to Gemma’s Boutique then off to Sugar Hut for a night on the tiles.”

I don’t know about you but this is a special guest appearance I would love to see!!

For more Orange is the New Black, visit the Netflix Media Centre or the show’s official social pages:
Twitter @OITNB
Facebook /OITNB
Instagram @OITNB

In an emergency would you know what to do? Parenting Institute First Aid Course- Review

Last Wednesday, Neil and I had the pleasure of attending one of Parenting Institutes first aid courses.

Parenting Institute

Parenting Institute offers a range of training courses for parents to help them parent more confidently. They offer training by professionals and experts so you get the support and knowledge you need to support your children as best you can. You can book through Parenting Institute and they hold their classes in different locations, with different experts.


The expert on our first aid course was Ali. Ali is a Dublin firefighter/paramedic for the last 15 yrs , he deals with all types of emergencies on a daily basis, from the minor bumps and bruises to the life threatening emergencies. As a father of 3, he has dealt with his fair share of incidents , so he decided to get into teaching first aid. Recently focusing on paediatric first aid. From his experience he found parents tend to panic when dealing with their own child, So he started up his own business called Meditrain, to empower and give parents confidence in treating different types of incidents, so they’ll be able to handle emergencies confidently and safely.

The Course

Neil and I have been wanting to do a first aid course since Kyle was little. Yes- for the last 8 years!! We have seen some come up but always put it on the long finger. Things that had put me off were little things like price, that we were too busy to go and also too busy (and tired) to take everything in. I thought there would be alot of theory involved and alot of things to learn at a first aid course.

Well I stand corrected. Not only am I delighted we finally went, we actually had fun. Ali was absolutely fantastic. I think that makes a huge difference. Personally I think you need to be kept engaged to actually stay interested in something. And when its in the evening and most people there are parents of little ones its essential to be kept engaged. (And awake!)

Ali covered CPR, Abdominal Thrusts (previously called the Heimlich maneuver), Burns, Temperatures, Fevers, Cuts, The recovery position, broken bones, first aids kits, slings. How to use a defibrillator What you should have in your first aid kit and what steps you should take first in an emergency.

I would highly recommend Parenting Institutes first aid course to anyone. Before going I thought it was essential for parents but now I feel it is essential for everyone. First aid differs slightly when it comes to babies newborn-1 years old but it doesn’t differ very much to an adult.

If you have been waiting for a sign to book a first aid course this is it! Do it- it could save someones life!

For more information or to book into one of Parenting Institutes courses check out their website or facebook page.

**Neil and I were kindly invited to take part in Parenting Institutes First Aid course. But, as always my opinion is my own

Martinhal Cascais, Portugal. A Family Five Star Hotel – Review

Two weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending Martinhal’s Luxury Family Brand Event and stay as a guest in their stunning Cascais Hotel (Total pinch me moment!!). I had heard many amazing things about the hotels before but I had never been lucky enough to experience it myself. But, the great things that I had been told about the hotel didn’t even begin to scratch the surface on how fantastic it really is.

Martinhal is a hotel chain that have luxury family hotels across Portugal. Martinhals motto is “Martinhal is a place where parents get to drink their cappuccino with the foam still on it”
If that isn’t every parents dream I don’t know what is! So, from their supervised play area in the restaurant, to their fantastic kids club, playgrounds, pools, trampolines, astro pitches and basketball courts – Martinhal really has you and your little ones covered.


I want to gush all in one go about what a fantastic time I had but instead I will tell you about my experience bit by bit. The childcare, the conference and the hotel.

The Childcare
Milla is six months old and breastfed so she came along too (She really is becoming quite the blogger!). The day care in Martinhal accept babies from six months old so it was perfect. As most mothers, I was a little apprehensive about leaving her especially with strangers and in a different country. We had a dinner the first night where Milla would stay in the hotel with a babysitter and then she would spend the full next day in the baby room of the kids club/day care. She is also fed on demand and in no structured routine so I was a little unsure of how it would all work out. But from the moment we arrived all those fears disappeared.

When we first arrived we were given a tour of the hotel (Which I will get into more detail a little later). We were having a look around the fantastic playground and two of the women who work in the kids club happened to be walking passed and stopped me. “Is this Milla?” She was in my arms and I said “yes” the woman replied and said “I’m Rita, I will be looking after her tonight”. Immediately I sighed with relief. There was a lovely sense of calm about her and the resort and for her to already know Milla’s name before we even arrived and to come and introduce herself was just the icing on the cake for me.
Rita arrived at our room just after I had gotten Milla to sleep in the bed. We co-sleep so this is always the easiest option to ensure she falls asleep easily. I mentioned to Rita that we don’t let Milla cry-it-out or self-soothe and that if she woke up it was fine to just play with her or hold her till I got back. And out I ran. I left my number just in case. Rita text me about an hour later just to let me know that Milla was still fast asleep. Amazing. The relief I felt from that one little text. I was so grateful! When I got back Milla was awake and so happy and content with Rita. Truth be told I think I was happier to see Milla than her with me!

The next morning when I dropped Milla into the baby room I was thrilled to see Rita was there as I was just so happy with how she had looked after Milla the night before. I gave another amazing woman Elsa her rough schedule and my number to text me when she needed a breastfeed. I also mentioned that she wasn’t used to a cot and she probably (most definitely) wouldn’t nap in it for them. I left her buggy and again ran out the door. With genuinely not a worry about a thing! I felt like my baby would be very safe. You cannot pay for that kind of ease. I text every now and again and Rita would reply “text as much as you want, that’s what we are here for” I also received this picture as I was sitting in the conference…

Honestly, can you ask for better than that?! I got a text to breastfeed her a few times, they also made her some homemade puree which she devoured. I popped over twice unannounced too- if we had a coffee break or if i felt my milk come in!! One of the times I popped over she was asleep in one of the girls arms. The girl was rocking her and I was just ecstatic. They really listened to what I had told them about Milla and respected it and I was thrilled.

I genuinely feel like the child care is just outstanding in Martinhal. To say all my child’s needs were met doesn’t half cover it. She was cared for in the exact manner that I as her mum would care for her. Not only is that very rare to come by its also priceless. I have never come across anything like it. This for me sets Martinhal high above the rest.

The conference
I had never been to a conference like this before. I have to say I was so inspired hearing all the speakers. All entrepreneurs and all with a different story to tell. A fantastic way for family brands to network but also a fantastic way to feel inspired!

Olivia Cannon was MC for the conference and is so inspiring in herself. She was fantastic! We heard from Rob Law-owner and founder of the now hugely successful brank Trunki  He told us about how a disastrous Dragons Den pitch ended up being the best thing that ever happened to him and how he has managed to make a hugely success business on the back of that bad press.

We heard from a panel of bloggers which my lovely friend Tracey was a part of. She had us all smiling and also crying laughing. Hugely inspiring again to hear how bloggers have made their own brand and built it through social media amongst other things.

We heard from Andrew Dent who is founder of Family Traveller Magazine. He actually told us how last year he attended the conference and through networking he met a man who helped him break American with Family Traveller Magazine. How amazing is that??

The hotel
As soon as I walked through the door (that had been opened for me by a beautiful member of staff) I noticed the fresh scent. Martinhal have a unique scent in their hotels. How amazingly unique is that? I also noticed how incredibly clean every where is. It was SPOTLESS which is also true for all of the kids toys, playgrounds and the kids club. Which, with four kids at home I was impressed to see!
The hotel is scattered with friendly staff all more than happy to help you with anything or for just a friendly hello. I noticed every staff member I ran into whether it be in the reception, the restaurant, the playground or even in the spa all took the time to say hello to Milla too. Not that a six month old baby would specifically notice, but I did. And it left me with a really lovely feeling.

As Im sure you can gather I loved every second of my stay. My one and only con of the whole experience was not sharing it with my three other little ones and my husband. They would have loved it as much as I did. Maybe one day?

If you have been or are planning to go I would love to hear about it!

**I was invited to stay as a guest in Martinhal. But, as always my opinions and thoughts are mine entirely.

Haaka and Cocoona baby Review

As a mum of four, I’d like to think I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way… That I knew all the must haves and the essentials but evidently I did not. I am suprised to say since having my fourth I have found two must haves that I didn’t have on the others… I don’t know how I survived without them!!!

The haakaa

I’m not a fan of pumping. Never was, never will be. So when I saw all the talk of this new must have I was eager to try. The haakaa breast pump is a handheld, portable milk expression device. It’s small and discreet allowing mum to express without the noise and fuss of an electrical pump. According to the manufacturer, it accommodates different breast sizes and collects up to 4 oz of milk. I’ve only ever got max 3oz when I’ve used it. 
It is a godsend. I have an over supply. Which, most people would kill for. But I also have a A/B cup bra size. So combined together makes for some extremely painful let downs. In the early days the haaka was a godsend for releaving a little bit of pressure from a letdown. 
The haaka works best attached to the opposite breast while breastfeeding. There is a knack to it, you suction your breast into the opening and it suctions on. It catches your let down and it is an amazingly easy way to store some milk in those early days. I am still using my haaka and Milla is now 6 months. As I mentioned though I do have a fantastic supply. Every breastfeeding journey is different but they say it works best up to 3/4 months. It is dishwasher safe and BPA free. It is the only reason i have a freezer full of frozen breast milk. A 10/10 from me. I got mine from Earth Mother and it is on sale at the moment for 24.99euro. For me it is worth every cent hands down. Its is discreet, makes no noise and also above all else does all the hard work effortlessly. All you have to do is try not to spill the liquid gold!!!

Cocoona baby 
The Cocoona baby is also something I never used on my other three babies. It is a sleep aid. A comfortable newborn nest with added health benefits to reduce Plagiocephaly, reflux and colic – but it does come with a large price tag. At 169.99 I was sceptical as to weather my little one would even sleep in it or not. Her favourite spot was stuck to my chest, where she stayed for two weeks straight! 
The Cocoona baby I feel helps newborns transition from the womb to the world very easily. Due to its ergonomic design and its perfect for your little ones physical and emotional well being through the fourth trimester. 
You may have read recent reports about the safety of baby sleep positioners, anti-roll products, baby wedges and baby nests. But Lullaby Trust came out and clarified the issue by saying sleep positioners are different to baby nests/pods. Therefore confirming the Cocoona baby safe to use. 
Milla loved it from the get go. She was so snug and content in it. Its as if when she lay in it she sunk down and it moulded around her. There is also a firm base so i always felt as if she was very safe in it. The wedge is a great extra in it and it allowed her legs to bend in a very natural way. She was as content in it as when i was holding her asleep. Except for the added benefit of me being able to get some rest too. When she would fall asleep if i lay her on a mattress she would wake STRAIGHT away, with the Cocoona baby she would stir a little when I lay her down but she would snuggle straight in. 

The Cocoona baby is not meant for co sleeping. They recommend using it in a cot or the floor for naps and day time sleeping. It is also worth noting they recommend the Cocoona baby to be 20cm lower than the top of the cot you are using. 
We used it for co sleeping. We took into account that this is against the safety regulations that Cocoona baby recommend but we made an educated and informed decision to co sleep with it. I loved this aspect of it. We placed it between our pillows and Milla slept that little bit higher than us both. It meant for me, (who would have been co sleeping anyway) that she was higher than our pillows and also out of reach for duvet to cover anything other than her feet.

It is recomended that you stop using it when baby starts to roll over! Which for my lazy lump was 6 months old!!

Would i pay 169.99 for it?
Yes, I would. Granted I would try get some cash as gifts and use it or if a family member wanted to but it for her. I understand it is expensive but from a busy mum of four can you ever put a price on a good nights sleep?? 

My cocoona baby was also from Earth Mother. A small Irish owned company who I would order all my must haves and baby bots from in a second in a second. Siobhan the owner is so lovely and helpful to deal with. You could contact her with any questions you might have.

The haaka was gifted to me from Earth Mother and Siobhan from Earth Mother kindly lent me the Cocoona Baby. But, as always my opinions of the products and the company is mine entirely. 

Luggwoods Enchanted Forest Easter Train

On Sunday we had the absolute pleasure of visiting Luggwoods again for their Easter Train. If you remember we visited at Christmas and it has been our favourite Christmas day out to date. 

Luggwoods Enchanted Forest is a family run business located just outside of Saggart Village in Co.Dublin about a 30 min drive from the airport! 

Just like their Christmas train there is face painting before hand! Little whiskers and a bunny nose for all the kids (and adults!) and they also sell bunny ears (2 for €5) all while you wait to board. We were just on time, arriving at 4pm (our train was at 4) which is something I really regret. Couldn’t be helped for us but one huge bit of advise I would give is DO NOT be late and better that come 20 mins early. Get the kids face painted buy the bunny ears and give them a chance to get excited as they wait! 

We hoped on board at 4pm and there was music and lots of chat from the fantastically enthusiastic girls on the train. We saw a fairy village and spotted letters all laid out throughout the forest!! Noa is just learning letters at the mo and loved this part! All the letters we found spelt “HAPPY EASTER” We hoped off mid-way for an Easter egg hunt! All the little ones were given a basket and they were to fill them with plastic eggs! 

As soon as the bunting was lifted all the kids made a run for it! My 8 year old was sorted he was first to get some eggs followed a little slower by my 3 year old who still managed to get some then came my 2 year old who by the time she got over the bumps and dips there were barely any eggs left. Her sister give her a few and she was none the wiser! 
But, this is where my only criticism lies! I spoke to one of the owners afterwards and had mentioned maybe giving the kids a little more time with the hunt and also letting the little ones go first or in a seperate area. She totally agreed and said going forward they are going to make two trails from where the hunt begins. One up the left and one on the right. Allowing children under 5 to take route and children over 5 take another. That way they will all be able to collect the eggs. Perfect solution and it will take the experience to a 10/10 from me!

We hoped back onboard and made our way to Big Red Barn. We saw luggwoods breathtaking view of Dublin which suprisingly for me, looks just as beautiful during the day as it did at night!  
We arrived to the barn and met some unbelievable characters! A mad hatter and mad he was! He was FANTASTIC. He told the kids a story when we got there, had a tea party and showed the kids some serious moves! Moves that even had some of the parents up dancing! While each family waited to see the Easter bunny the mad hatter entertained the rest and he also gets a 10/10 from me! Dancing, colouring and making the kids laugh. Noa (3) didn’t want to leave she absolutely loved it! 

We got to meet the Easter bunny next and got the opportunity to get a family picture! A rarity with 4 little ones! One thing I love about luggwoods is that there is absolutely no rush when getting a picture. The girls are so patient and accommodating. Each child got an Easter egg too!

Pictures are available to buy there and then for €10 for 1 or 2 for €15. Refreshments are available at this point too! 

Had we not been invited along, this day out would have cost the 6 of us €53.96 (including booking) under ones go free! This does not include bunny ears or your picture! So remember to bring cash for that! They do accept cards for the pictures! 

Was it worth it? 100%. I was an hour an 25 mins and that was jam packed with things for the kids. The were engaged and enjoying it for every second of that! 

I was sceptical as to how the Easter Train could possibly live up to the Christmas Train we loved so much! I honestly didn’t think it was possible to enjoy it as much as I did the Christmas Train. But I left feeling just as warm inside as I did at Christmas. Totally different experience but still as lovely and warm. Kids loved it just as much! A really fantastic day out with the kids for over the Easter holidays! I highly recommend it! 

We were kindly invited by luggwoods to hop on board the Easter Train free of charge. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Everything Irish on Netflix

Are you staying in this St Patrick’s Weekend? I know I am! With snow showers and freezing cold temperatures forecast , many will stay cosy indoors! If you’re one of them, what better way to spend it than with Netflix and its extensive library of Irish content while some brave souls may venture out to celebrate or attend a parade.

St Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate everything Irish and the great time to catch up on an Irish movies or spend time with your favourite Irish actors – whether it’s Sinead Cusack, Victoria Smurfit, Ruth Kearney, Dominique McElligott, Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy, Chris O’Dowd, Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan or Liam Neeson.

Beannacht  Fhéile Pádraig!

For the Kids
The Smurfs 2

Hoping to harness the magical Smurf-essence, evil wizard Gargamel creates a pair of Smurflike creatures, called Naughties. However, only a real Smurf can give Gargamelwhat he wants, so he kidnaps Smurfette to force her to cast a spell that will transform the Naughties into Smurfs. Papa, Clumsy and the rest of the Smurfs reunite with their human friends Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris), Grace (JaymaMays) and Victor (Brendan Gleeson) to rescue Smurfettefrom the wizard’s clutches. 

For the Adults

Irish Films & Documentaries on Netflix

The Hardy Bucks Movie

Party-loving Irelanders plan a road trip to Poland to take in some soccer and sights. But their journey veers way off course when they hit Amsterdam.

Cardboard Gangsters

Cardboard Gangsters follows the story of a group of young lads in Darndale, led by Jay Connolly (John Connors), who sell drugs to make a living. They set out in a bid to gain more money and power and enter the big leagues of the drug trade.

Sing Street

In 1980s Dublin, a teen whose family is falling apart transfers to a tough school, where he forms a rock band to fit in and win a girl’s attention.  Stars Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucy Boynton and Jack Reynor 

The Young Offenders

Hugely popular at the moment
Never ones to think things through, two Irish teens steal bicycles and set off to the coast to find a bale of cocaine from a smugglers capsized ship.

Handsome Devil

Self described outsider is sent to a rugby-obsessed boarding school, where is forms an unexpected bond with the star player.   Stars Fionn O’Shea, Nicolas Galitzine, Andrew Scott and Moe Dunford.

The Siege of Jadotville

Winner of four IFTAs, The Siege of Jadotville tells the true story of Irish Soldiers who were besieged by overwhelming enemy forces while on a UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo.  The heroes led by Commandant Pat Quinlan fought for five days and heroically defended their outpost.   A Netflix Original film, based on the book Siege at Jadotville : The Irish Army’s Forgotten Battle by Declan Power.  Stars Jamie Dornan, Jason O’Mara, Mark Strong, Sam Keeley and Fionn O’Shea.


In Bruges

After a particularly difficult job, hit men Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) head to Belgium to hide out until things cool down. Ray hates the medieval city they land in, but Ken finds its beauty and peacefulness enchanting. Their experiences become increasingly surreal and possibly life-changing as they encounter tourists, locals, an American dwarf and a potential romance for Ray.

The Irish Mob

This documentary crime series charts the rise of the Irish Mob in America, from urban immigrant poverty to political power and wealth.

Bad Day For The Cut

A mild-mannered , middle-aged Irish farmer embarks on a bloody quest to avenge his mother’s murder. He soon discovers her dark past while wading through the criminal underworld of Belfast.

The Secret Scripture

An Irish film directed by Jim Sheridan, from a screenplay by Sheridan and Johnny Ferguson, which is based on the 2008 novel of the same name. A psychiatrist examines Roseanne McNulty, an elderly Irish woman living in a mental institution, and learns more about her past in the process. Rooney Mara plays McNulty as a young woman, in flashbacks that detail her love triangle with a fighter pilot and a priest.

The Boys and Girls From County Clare

John Joe and his traditional Celtic folk band are ready to defend their championship at County Clare’s annual All-Ireland Traditional Music Competition when his prodigal brother, Jimmy, returns home from Liverpool with his new band. The sibling rivalry is further complicated by embittered piano player Maisie, the mother of Jimmy’s abandoned child, and the burgeoning romance between rival band members, Anne  and Teddy.


Focusing on the 1981 hunger strikes by Republican prisoners in Northern Ireland. Bobby Sands is one of a group of prisoners who first “took to the blanket” with a “dirty protest” in pursuit of their claims for recognition as political prisoners. Sands then became the first one of the group to embark on a hunger strike that was to end in his death.

Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope

A darkly comic drama about two young women, as one of them starts to spiral out of control. Aisling is used to getting her own way, while Danielle is never one to hog the spotlight. Reality is about to hit them, and hit them hard.

The Magdalene Sisters

In 1964, three teenage Irish girls are sent to a Magdalene asylum, an archaic home for “fallen women,” though their crimes aren’t criminal. Rose is pregnant out of wedlock, Bernadette has been caught flirting with a boy at school, and Margaret is sentenced for having been raped by a family member. There, the girls perform hard laboursupervised by cruel nuns, led by the sneering Sister Bridget – and dream of escape.


An honest and good-hearted priest (Brendan Gleeson) wrestles with a cynical, spiteful community after he receives a death threat from an unknown parishioner.


When the mother of young Evelyn Doyle (Sophie Vavasseur) abandons her family, her devastated father Desmond (Pierce Brosnan), is left to care for Evelyn and her brothers on his own. Because Irish laws forbid children to be raised in a home without two parents, Evelyn and her brothers are removed from Desmond’s care and sent to separate orphanages. Desmond, who is out of work and abusing alcohol, will have to challenge the Irish courts to bring his children home.


A luckless tourist aid at Dublin airport reconnects with this love of eight years earlier, who is on standby for a flight back to the US.   Stars Jessica Pare, Brian Gleeson and Stanley Townsend.


A man returns home after a 10 year absence to reconnect with his ex-wife and daughter, but finds them living with his domineering former PE teacher.

Stars James Nesbitt, Kerry Condon, Patrick Gibson and Maisie Williams


A fisherman’s (Colin Farrell) life is transformed when he catches a mysterious woman in his nets.  His daughter come to believe that the woman is magical creature.

Hostage to the Devil

Follow the eerie story of Father Malachi Martin, a disenchanted priest whose belief in demonic possession would lead him to conduct several exorcisms

Films & TV Shows Featuring Irish Actors

Cillian Murphy

Peaky Blinders  – Cillian Murphy stars as ambitious gang leader Thomas Shelby who recognises an opportunity to move up in the world thanks to a missing crate of guns. (Seasons 1 – 3 are Available now).    Cillian also stars in Anthropoid which is now available on Netflix .

Chris O’Dowd

The Cloverfield Paradox

In the near future, a group of international astronauts on a space station are working to solve a massive energy crisis on Earth. The experimental technology aboard the station has an unexpected result, leaving the team isolated and fighting for their survival.

Chris O’Dowd also stars in The Incredible Jessica James, The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids, Mascots, Puffin Rock and Calvary on Netflix

Domhnall Gleeson

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Domhnall Gleeson stars in this exploration of the troubled life and ground-breaking career of “National Lampoon” co-founder Doug Kenney.

Based on the book A Futile and Stupid Gesture: How Doug Kenney and National Lampoon Changed Comedy Forever by Josh Karp, the movie was adapted by Michael Colton and John Aboud and focuses on the troubled life and career of Kenney and how National Lampoon influenced the comedy scene in America in the ’70s and ’80s.

Domhnall Gleeson stars in The Revenant, Star Wars – The Force Awakens, Calvary, Black Mirror and Unbroken.

Brendan Gleeson

In Bruges

After a particularly difficult job, hit men Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) head to Belgium to hide out until things cool down. Ray hates the medieval city they land in, but Ken finds its beauty and peacefulness enchanting. Their experiences become increasingly surreal and possibly life-changing as they encounter tourists, locals, an American dwarf and a potential romance for Ray.

Brendan also stars in Trespass Against Us, Alone InBerlin, Green Zone and Calvary which are available to watch on Netflix.
Colin Farrell also stars in The Way Back and Ondinewhich are available on Netflix

Patrick Gibson

The OA – Young Dubliner Patrick Gibson plays the part of Steve Winchell, a conflicted, antisocial and at times violent teen bully, who strikes up a friendship with Prairie (Brit Marling) in this Netflix Original.    Patrick also stars in Gold.

Dominique McElligott

House of Cards –  Dubliner Dominique McElligott  joinedHouse of cards in Season 4 as Hannah Conway wife of William “Will” Conway, the current Governor of New York and the Republican nominee.  Will is Frank’s chief opponent in the race for the Presidency in 2016.   Hannah and Will have two kids Charlie and Lilly. Their youth and strong values pose a huge threat to Frank who is middle age, having marital problems, and has no kids.  Seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix.

Kerry Condon

Better Call Saul – Tipperary Actress Kerry Condon plays the part of Stacey Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul.  Stacey was married to Matt, Mike Ehrmantraut’s son and has one Daugther Kayla. Matt was eventually killed after working for two years as a police officer in the State of Philadelphia, Stacey then moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Season 1 – 3 are available on Netflix.

Victoria Smurfit

Victoria Smurfit stars as the woman you love to hate in Once Upon A Time – Cruella De Vil.   Cruella originates from the Disney animated movie “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” and is one of the most evil women on Earth!  New episodes of Once Upon A Time launch every week on Netflix.

Liam Neeson

Love Actually

Nine intertwined stories examine the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all: love. Among the characters explored are David (Hugh Grant), the handsome newly elected British prime minister who falls for a young junior staffer (Martine McCutcheon). Harry (Alan Rickman) who is comfortably married to his wife, Karen (Emma Thompson), but is tempted by his attractive new secretary. Daniel (Liam Neeson), who mourns the recent death of his wife Joanna, as he tries to raise his stepson Sam (Thomas Sangster) alone. Sam has fallen for an American classmate, also named Joanna, and, after discussion with his stepfather, decides to learn the drums so that he can accompany her in the big finale for their school’s Christmas pageant (the same one that David’s nephew and Karen and Harry’s children are in).

Liam Neeson stars in Schindler’s List, Run All Night, Rob Roy and A Prayer For The Dying which are all on Netflix.

Steve Jobs

With public anticipation running high, Apple Inc. co-founders Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) and Steve “Woz” Wozniak get ready to unveil the first Macintosh in 1984. Jobs must also deal with personal issues related to ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan and their young daughter Lisa. Eventually fired, Jobs launches NeXT Inc. and prepares to release a new computer model in 1988. Ten years later, Jobs is back at Apple Inc. and about to revolutionize the industry once again with the iMac.

Michael Fassbender also stars in Trespass Against Us and Hunger.

James Nesbitt

Babylon – The Met’s new director of communications, Liz Garvey, faces a baptism by fire when a sniper goes on a shooting spree during her first day on the job.    James Nesbit also appears in Gold and Match Point which are available on Netflix.

Happy Watching!

Laura x 

Netflix has you covered for Pancake Tuesday!


Netflix has plenty of new kids content coming out this month, from

Luna Petunia


The Peanuts Movie… with some titles arriving just in time for Pancake Tuesday (13th February)!  

After you are full to the brim with pancakes this evening settle down for some quality family viewing as you bond over your delicious creations.

Dream works dragons-race to the edge and

fantastic four- the rise of the silver surfer! Pancakes and a family movie… Is there anything better?! 

These new releases are sure to have something for every member of the family! 
Laura x