Month: April 2015

First Time Breastfeeder Tips

When I decided I would try and breastfeed our daughter I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I didnt know very much about breastfeeding nor did I learn very much in any prenatal classes I attended. Nobody in my family ever breastfed nor any of my friends. So anything I have learnt along the way has been basically self taught and literally from just trusting my maternal instints and letting my baby lead the way. From the moment Noa was born she latched on and made it very easy for me to feed her. Dont get me wrong breastfeeding in the first couple of weeks is an adjustment, (that is for another blog) There are some basics i wish i had known before i decided to breastfeed and what to expect so i just wanted to write a blog for women like me who want to know the basics, if they are thinking of nursing their baby when they arrive!

As soon as baby is born
Skin to skin contact is so important at this point. For baby and for mommy. Cherish this amazing moment!! After all you have waited almost 10 months for it! So put baby just lying on your chest under your nightgown or under a sheet or anyway that is comfortable for you for at least an hour, or until baby feeds for the first time. And trust your baby, she’ll know what to do! If baby doesn’t feed in the first hour then continue skin to skin for the next 6 hours!
6 hours
If nursed after labour your baby should feed again around this time. If not, carry on skin to skin.
Within 12 hours
If baby still has not fed you can try hand express some colostrum and give her droplets every 3 hours.

Within 24 hours 
Baby should have fed 3 times at this point! Also 1/2 wet and 1/2 poo nappies!  

3-4 days 
Your milk should come in at this point! Watch out for engorgement now! Hand express a little for relief if nessasary but don’t pump! And feed feed feed!!!

Babys poo should be yellow/mustard consistency at this point!

By this point you should really have built up your supply by feeding on demand as mature milk is now starting to be made at the two week mark!
By all means there is so much more, and more blogs to come about it! But, I would have loved to have read just the bare bones of it, a general idea of what I can expect! My greatest tip for those first few weeks (and beyond) is DRINK WATER litres of it! Every time you feed get a glass of water! Breastfeeding is really thirsty work!!
So pass this on to expectant mums or mums who are thinking will I/won’t I?! 
Laura x

Garnier BB cream Review

Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have suffered with some mild acne on my face. I have never had it before so it’s all very new to me. As a beautician I have tried most products that I would recommend to clients but none have worked so far for me. 
As a result, I now tend to wear foundation most of the time. I tried and tested a couple of brands of tinted moisturiser but found them quiet dry and thick and very streaky and patchy on my face! Quiet visible that I was wearing something on my face which you don’t want all day everyday! As a result, most mornings before the school run I would wear foundation which is alot of work for a busy mum of two!! And also probably making my skin worse with no room to breathe. Foundation is quite heavy on the skin and especially 12 hours a day!
I picked up Garnier BB Cream in my local boots as I had never tried it before. I got medium as I am quite dark. I put a bit on the back of my hand and used my fingers to spread it all over my face. My skin at the mo is quiet dry and lifeless and I have to say this Garnier BB cream was like a breathe of fresh air. First thing I noticed was it smells amazing. It is oil free but wasn’t as thick in consistency than tinted moisturisers that I have used before so it spread really nice, evenly and easily. I immediately had a healthy glow to my dull skin. It didn’t completely cover the problem areas of my face but I am happy it has room to breathe! It took me two mins and feels like I’m wearing nothing. It is perfect for everyday wear and the school run. I will be wearing everyday and I think it is definitely one to try from a busy working mum of two and as a beautician! Big thumbs up from me! It has SPF of 20 which is great as I always would wear SPF under foundation in my moisturisers as a rule! 
Pic below is before and immediately after with only Garnier BB cream and then with some powder over and blush and mascara!

The High Horse?

Hi Guys,
This is my first time blogging so please go easy on me! Ill start of by telling you all just a little bit about myself. I am a 27 year old mother of two and wife to the love of my life. I love social media (as most of us do) and interacting with other moms! My son is 5 and my daughter is 8months. For the past couple of months family and friends have encouraged me to blog, share my experiences and interact with moms the same as me from all over the world. So here I am.
My first blog I feel should be something that is close to my heart at moment (quiet literally!) and something that I do, read about, research and talk about every single day. And that is breastfeeding!
As you get to know me I am sure I will speak more and more about breastfeeding but for now I would like to talk about a topic I have thought about for the past couple of months.

Throughout my breastfeeding journey I have learnt so many things. From scientific facts to personal opinions. And believe me I have heard plenty of those!
Before I breastfed I thought and now believe there is a huge stigma (especially in Ireland) with breastfeeding! Breast feeders are automatically categorised as these eco warrior women that live in the woods in a tent and make there own nappies. Crazy women that have no time for themselves and were deprived of attention as a child so breastfeed theirs as a way of mending that. Women who breastfeed over a certain age are doing it for their own selfish reasons. Unbelievable, untrue, highly ironic and hurtful things and I hear them all most days. Not to me personally most days but other breastfeeding women I talk to or read in the groups I am a member of. Believe me I have heard it all. I met a woman in the supermarket and happen to mention I was ebf and her words were “oh you are one of those mental ones”
Breast feeders are branded “martyrs”, women who think they are better than those who do not breast feed. Every breastfeeding mothers is automatically assumed to be sitting on a high horse waving their finger at a formula feeder.
From my experience I can honestly say I feel it is in fact totally the other way around! It is always the breast feeder that get all the stick, all the insults and all the stigma.
I have never ever heard a breast feeder say to a mother that is formula feeding anything negative about the way they chose to feed their child. It is always the breast feeders from my experience that get all the stick. Dare we mention scientifically breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for a baby we are bombarded with insults, labels and stigma, 99% of the time from formula feeders!!! I have seen countless amounts of thrashing on social media and it is always the breast feeders that get all the hurtful comments.
I have heard it all.. When will I get my life back, how I’m too close to my baby (is that even possible??) how I could have PND because we co sleep and we don’t give her a bottle, how bad it is that I never get a break and that my baby will become too attached,How a baby can be “too attached” to their mother is also beyond me?!or how I shouldn’t let breastfeeding take over my life. Or the famous are you STILL breastfeeding as if it some sort of craze that women who have lost their minds do for a short period of time,that they will grow out of when they are finished “playing the martyr”.
And believe me nothing good ever comes from a sentence starting with “I know breastfeeding is great and all that….”
But never once have I ever myself nor saw another breast feeding momma say a negative word to a mother that formula feeds. Nothing. I have never seen a mother with a picture of her baby on social media with a bottle in their mouth get comment after comment of abuse for it from any breast feeders. Yet I have heard and seen myself many baby nursing pictures get removed from facebook after a bombarding of negative comments.
So for me its so ironic, I think is the formula feeders doing the most finger wagging!