Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have suffered with some mild acne on my face. I have never had it before so it’s all very new to me. As a beautician I have tried most products that I would recommend to clients but none have worked so far for me. 
As a result, I now tend to wear foundation most of the time. I tried and tested a couple of brands of tinted moisturiser but found them quiet dry and thick and very streaky and patchy on my face! Quiet visible that I was wearing something on my face which you don’t want all day everyday! As a result, most mornings before the school run I would wear foundation which is alot of work for a busy mum of two!! And also probably making my skin worse with no room to breathe. Foundation is quite heavy on the skin and especially 12 hours a day!
I picked up Garnier BB Cream in my local boots as I had never tried it before. I got medium as I am quite dark. I put a bit on the back of my hand and used my fingers to spread it all over my face. My skin at the mo is quiet dry and lifeless and I have to say this Garnier BB cream was like a breathe of fresh air. First thing I noticed was it smells amazing. It is oil free but wasn’t as thick in consistency than tinted moisturisers that I have used before so it spread really nice, evenly and easily. I immediately had a healthy glow to my dull skin. It didn’t completely cover the problem areas of my face but I am happy it has room to breathe! It took me two mins and feels like I’m wearing nothing. It is perfect for everyday wear and the school run. I will be wearing everyday and I think it is definitely one to try from a busy working mum of two and as a beautician! Big thumbs up from me! It has SPF of 20 which is great as I always would wear SPF under foundation in my moisturisers as a rule! 
Pic below is before and immediately after with only Garnier BB cream and then with some powder over and blush and mascara!

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