The uses for coconut oil are endless… google them! You will be amazed! But for this blog I will just outline the uses that I have experienced for coconut oil!

1. It helps to naturally clear up cold sores.
2.It can be used to treat a yeast infection.
3.A tablespoon taken when pregnant to help baby get fats needed for development.
4.To soothe sore nipples when breastfeeding.
5.To help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
6. Great for an alternative to oil or butter in cooking, I use it for stir fry.
7.As a coffee creamer when emulsified into coffee, so good!
8. As I mentioned in my previous post its anti bacterial properties are amazing on the face to help with acne or breakouts! When used regularly it has been proven to help rid the skin of acne. Used in conjunction with a skin care regime it works wonders. Read mine here..
9. All over the skin as a basic moisturiser.
10. Nappy Rash cream.
11. Eye make-up remover.
12. SPF4 sunscreen.
13.To help get rid of cradle cap.. massage into babies cradle cap and rinse in their bed time bath as normal.
14. Mix with equal parts brown sugar for an all over body exfoliator/scrub.
15. Massage oil.
16. On your lips as an effective lip balm.
17. Put directly onto perineum for relief and help healing after giving birth.
18. An amazing conditioner for your hair put on dry hair and then wash as normal.
19. Use on psoriasis or eczema on adults and children.
20. For breastfeeding moms take 3/4 tablespoons a day to boost milk supply.
21. Hubbys can use as a natural shaving cream or lotion.
22. Rubbed into the scalp it can stimulate hair growth.
23. As a natural lubricant, it doesn’t disturb vaginal flora. Doesn’t cause irritation.
24. Mix with equal parts salt to remove dead skin off the feet.
25. On its own for cracked heels.
26. As a natural baby lotion,
27. Can be used internally and externally to treat UTIs.
28. Rub on your cuticles to help nail growth.
29. Used externally on haemorrhoids.
30. Used internally in the ear can help speed up the healing of an ear infection.

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