Hi ladies,
So I am such a sucker for sticking with what I know. Since I was 17 I’ve used MAC brushes. I’ve always loved them and they always did the trick, but I’ve always wanted to find an alternative. With two kids a husband and a house, my once loved MAC brushes are pretty low on the list of priorities! 
I saw the crown brush brand first when another Irish blogger so sue me put her name to a range of them. But as a sceptic, I wondered how much of her opinion was biased now being on the payroll!
So I thought what’s the harm I’ll give them a go! They aren’t too expensive ranging from €3 upwards! I bought an angled liner/brow brush, a concealer brush and two contour brushes! Delivery took just two days which was great! So I got down to it! I don’t know about you ladies, but for me I know if I like something straight away! I am a huge believer in your gut and I apply that to all aspects of life (even beauty products!) so I popped some concealer on the brush and began to put it on. Straight away I was impressed. The brushes are heaver than I expected. About the same as MAC I don’t know why I expected lighter but they’re not. They’re sturdy. As soon as I applied I knew what so sue me says about them is true! They are really worth every penny! I tried all the brushes and have been using them since and I have to say I was truly impressed. They make the job so easy and are worth every cent I spent on them! For me as a working mum of two I need something that does what it’s meant to do and is cheap, effective and most of all makes my life easier!! Love the brushes, love the price, love the quality. I would highly recommend them to a friend and if you haven’t tried them already you should. 
My next review will be on the foundation and some powder blender and blusher brushes but I am confident these will live up to my expectations! Stay tuned ladies! 
Have a look! You won’t be disappointed! 

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