As a busy mom (or just a busy bee in general?) we all want something to make the day just that little bit easier. So, I thought I would share with you a few little household hacks I have picked up over the last couple of years! 
A shelf above the bathroom door! 
We have a small bathroom for a house of four! Actually it was a small bathroom even when it was a house of two!! So we have a shelf above the bathroom door to store things we don’t use everyday. It’s great use of space that wouldn’t usually be used. And shelves are really cheap in ikea! 
Silver Rods and baskets 
Also in the bathroom, and also from ikea silver rods and baskets are also great for storage in a small bathroom! 

Binder clips! 
Use binder clips to keep your wires or chargers from getting lost down the back of a desk or a dresser. So simple and so neat!

Microwave Cleaner
Microwave water and lemons for 5 mins. Let them steam! And then wipe away a spotless microwave! 
Odd socks?? 
Fear no more.. Use washable mesh bags and get each family member one! Pop the dirty socks into them! Zip it up and into the washing machine! No more lost socks!!
Sweet smelling bathroom!
This is a little trick I started in my salon and now have moved into my home too! Where u have kitchen roll couch roll or toilet till sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the inside of the roll and there u go a beautiful smelling room until the roll needs replacing! My favourite is lavender or mandarin essential oil! 
Thanks so much for reading! 
Have a lovely day!

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