Hi ladies, 

I had been hearing a lot of things about makeup revolution at superdrug, how their eyeshadow pallete is a dupe for the naked pallete.. So I thought I would try for myself. I picked up their contour pallete, mascara and a nude lipstick. 
Firstly, it’s so cheap about €13 for the lot but at the end of the day it’s still €13 you could be putting towards something actually worth your hard earned money. 

So firstly the mascara, 

this was about €3/€4 and initially when I put it on I thought wow really lengthened my lashes and thought could this be too good to be true? I was right!! It takes forever to dry ending up with it all over your face.. So by the time u finished cleaning the black mess all around your eyes.. It’s not even worth it! Doesn’t last very long and my mum tried it too and it looked as if she hasn’t even applied mascara at all. It’s not even worth the €3/€4 I paid for it! Don’t waste your money on this!! 
The lipstick 
Makeup revolutions lipstick was a little better than the mascara again it retails at €1.49 so what can you expect right?! But if it’s not fit for purpose what’s the point in buying it at all. Again goes on nice the coulours are great but it just doesn’t last. It’s very thinly based and in 15 mins I will be reapplying it. Again cheap as chips but you might as well be throwing your €1.49 down the drain! Again wouldn’t recommend this! 

The contour pallete 
After using this for the last couple of weeks I have to say the jury is still out. This shade is the light to medium and retails for €7.99. It goes on great, nice and creamy and blends very well but again with their other products it just doesn’t have that long lasting effect I have experienced with other brands. It is nice for everyday quite natural contour but definitely not for a dramatic contoured effect. There are too many highlight colours and not enough contour in my opinion and after two weeks my darkest colour is almost gone. For every day use as a natural look I give this 5/10 but for night time or more dramatic 2/10. Price is Defo right on all these products but the just fall a little below average for me. 
Thanks for reading ladies, 

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