After about 18 months of acne on my face and trying most skincare products out there I can FINALLY say it is almost gone!!!! And here’s how…..
When I got pregnant on my second baby, my daughter Noa my skin almost immediately became quiet irritated and my face broke out in acne areas. Not everywhere, usually just on my cheek bones. As a beauty therapist I tried everything I could think of products from phyts, decleor, dermologica and many more. I would never go to bed with my makeup on and my diet wasn’t too bad I couldn’t find a solution and I just gave up looking for one. 
After I had Noa it got worse and I thought maybe it was down to breastfeeding her. Over the last few months it’s been at it’s worst and really getting me down. I found Katie a skin guru on Instagram and among a few I emailed her and she got back to me almost immediately. 
She explained triggers and causes of acne and simple steps I could do to try and improve my acne. I was a little apprehensive at first because I never saw results in anything before but gave it a go. And with the advise of Katie and a few new products I can now for the first time in 18 months see it improving. 

Here’s what I did… 
1. Cut a lot of sugar and dairy out of my diet! 
2. Threw my make up wipes into the bin. 
3. Properly cleansed toned and moisturised my face every night. 
4. Exfoliate twice/three times a week. 
5. Mud mask once a week. 
And last change I really think made a huge impact. 
6. Moisturise with pure coconut oil every night. 

And that is it!! 
The redness is still there a little bit but the sore big bumps of acne are gone and I can’t believe it. 
The benefits of coconut oil are endless and that will be for another blog, but it’s anti bacterial properties are helping to clear my face for sure. 
Exfoliator and mask I am using at the mo is from botanics range in boots and coconut oil I pick up from my local supermarket, Super Value. It’s much cheaper then health food store.
Cleanser is garnier mi cellar water and it is amazing! But I also picked up a tea tree foam wash from lidl that is also amazing! It’s Light and easy! 

If you suffer from acne or breakouts I cant stress how much I think that these few changes have helped me and definitely the coconut oil has made such a big difference. Try it! You wont be disappointed!

Thanks for reading ladies,
Have a lovely weekend! 

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