So who doesn’t love ice cream? Well nobody in my house that’s for sure! Kyle is 5 and would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a constant battle to try get his dinner into him before the dreaded bells of the ice cream man coming into our estate!! But let’s get one thing clear Chilly Moo is not ice cream it’s frozen yoghurt and for me that’s the best bit! A healthy alternative for my little ice cream fiend!!

I first saw Chilly Moo in our local Tesco and always meant to pick some up to try! Chilly Moo is an Irish Frozen Yoghurt, 100% natural and a perfect alternative to ice cream for our whole family. 
Another battle we face everyday is our 10 month old Noa looking for some of Kyles ice cream which she cannot have! Chilly Moo is Gluten Free, 19% real fruit purée and sweetened only with fruit juice concentrates! (Low GI so no sugar highs for an already buzzing 5 year old) and it’s perfect for Noa to have a little taste while her big brother is having some! 
It’s low fat despite using full fat milk and yoghurt! So perfect for mummy to indulge a little too!

First to review was my brutally honest 5 year old Kyle. With his love for ice cream I was a looking forward myself to see how this great alternative measured up. As soon as he tasted it, it was love “wow mom it tastes like a milkshake” were his exact words! Good enough for me. It was then my turn to try! Strawberry and Banana was our first choice and I have to say Kyle was right it was amazing. Like so good!! I have found with a couple of different brands of froyo that they can be quite watery and lose their real flavour. I have to say honestly, Chilly Moo isnt one of them, it is creamy, full of flavour and absolutely delicious.

So next was Noa Belle, let’s just say for a little girl that has never had ice cream or any form of frozen yoghurt before u have never seen anything like her!!! She was instantly addicted. If any of you saw my snap chat stories or video on my Instagram you can see she is loving from the get go.. 

To the point where Kyle would walk into a room with some ChillyMoo in a bowl and our newly crawler would dart across the room saying mmmm….. She was literally liking the empty tub after Kyle!! 

It comes in a variety of different flavours. We tried strawberry, mixed berry and strawberry and banana. My favourite was strawberry and kyles was strawberry and banana. But actually all are equally as delicious! I also loved trying different things as toppings and mix it up a bit. Fruit salad and chopped nuts were favourites in our house.

For me personally I loved it and so did my kids. And it’s nice to know exactly what they’re getting in each bowl and not filling them with sugar! 
Try it, you won’t be disappointed. 
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All views are my own. 

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