Hi everyone, 

Neil and I are so excited to announce we are expecting baby Doyle #3 in March 2016. 

Am I the only one that feels no matter what number pregnancy it is I feel like it’s the first all over again. “Is that normal? Is this normal?” It’s amazing which bits you forget. At 6 weeks pregnant I had some cramping and pains and felt a little worried but it was just stretching, which I knew in my gut it was but totally forgot from my last two pregnancies. 
Then came week 7 with what I dreaded most- morning sickness!! I had really bad morning sickness with Noa Belle and prayed it wouldn’t come back! But it did! Every weekend I spent in bed while Neil was off. I never understood why the call it “morning sickness” mine always lasted all day.. 
At 8 weeks I had bad tummy pains and still sickness morning to night.. Even with my  sickness with Noa Belle I did know what to expect but nothing prepares you for sickness morning to night and an 11 month old! 
At the end of our 8th week we had an early scan, we had one on Noa at the same time and it was really nice to just be reassured that although baby is the size of a rasberry there is a strong heartbeat and everything is where it is supposed to be. 
For me before the early scan I felt a little like am I even pregnant?!! Mad I know but I think when you have already been through two pregnancies and the bond that you develop with your unborn baby in the 10 months you’re carrying, it is quiet weird to have no feeling towards it or for me to feel very disconnected at the beginning.
Sickness and tiredness was really getting the better of me until 11 weeks when Neil and I and the kids went to lanzarote and since I never felt better. It might be coincedence approaching the 12 week mark or the help with the kids with Neil there and the lying by a pool 24/7 but I felt great and back to myself for the first time since we found out we were expecting! 
And just like clock work the day we came home I was sick all day and on the plane!! For anyone that has suffered morning sickness bad it can just come out of know where can’t it??! 
At 13 weeks I had my first visit in my maternity hospital, we’ve decided to go back to the national maternity hospital where Noa and Kyle were born! I always found them great and better the devil you know, right? 
As soon as I walked in it felt as if I had never left!! Even some of the staff still remembered me!! 
In our 13 week scan baby was opening and closing their mouth, and moving their little arms and legs around like crazy! It was surreal!! Even third time around!

How am I feeling? Today and this week I am feeling good. I am definitely alot more tired with this baby then the other two. But that’s expected with a 6 year old and a 1 year old!! We don’t have a lot of help with the kids either so takes it’s toll not getting a break when all you want to do is have a 10 min snooze! 
Size of baby? Our baby is the size of a lemon and the length of a pea pod this week! 3inches in length and 1 oz in weight!! 
Cravings? No cravings really so far. Just junk food and take aways- perhaps my body’s way of putting on weight??! 

Baby’s development this week? If baby is a girl she already has over 2 million eggs in her ovaries, how amazing is that?? 
Baby is sucking their thumb at this point and practicing for breastfeeding! 
Baby already has it’s own individual set of fingerprints! 
I’m so excited to be adding a pregnancy side to my blog and doing updates and pregnancy style! 
So stay tuned!! 
Thanks for reading! 
Lots of Love 

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