Month: September 2015

If you can’t say anything nice….

So we have all experienced that one person that says too much. Gives too much of their opinion or basically should just keep their mouth shut! 

I have learned a few of these suspects through my journey breastfeeding Noa. And now I have learned the same people have something to say on every aspect of your life. 
On announcing my pregnancy on baby #3 I expected innapropriate comments from a few culprits and boy did I receive them! 
One person whom finding out literally said “oh fuck” I mean who even says that?! She proceeded to ask was I devastated, to which I had my pre prepared answer no it was planned (which it was) but why should I even justify myself. 
Another woman said I was mad to have another one??! But what I find the most amusing is that she bases that stupid comment on what the ten mins a day she sees me in the school yard?! 
Will this one be your last? 
Wow woman are invasive? Not even sure I’ve fully discussed that with my husband yet!!! 
Oh you will have your hands full!!! 
Do you know what I never even thought about that? What am I going to do now??
Your bump is very small… 
No, just no! 
Please comment below your experiences! Would love to read them too! 
Lots of Love

My braces Journey- month one!

I had braces a teenager as most people did back then. But slowly but surely I wore my retainer less and less and my teeth began to move back to their original position. My teeth always were a huge insecurity of mine as long as I could remember so in August 2015 I bit the bullet and at 27 got fixed braces, again!!!! 

When I was pregnant on my first I had some gum trouble and with my second I had it worse, resulting in a front bottom tooth having a lot of periodontal problems. It has risen above the rest and actually fixed braces were the only solution if I wanted to keep the tooth! So again my journey began. Obviously getting them a second time I wanted the cheapest price, but also the best quality. I have literally priced everywhere in Dublin! And Northern Ireland!! 
As most do, I was tempted to go to Newry as prices are extremely competitive but with the exchange rate I decided against it! 
I had a few recommendations and did some research into Dr.Declan Ward in Gladnevin Orthodontics. 
His prices are extremely competitive and his reviews are excellent. I went for my consultation and knew immediately I wanted to get my treatment in Glasnevin Orthodonticts. Firstly the place itself it’s clinically clean and Dr.Ward is so lovely and very accommodating. I told him exactly what I wanted and he really gave me confidence in helping me achieve it. So here I am. 
I opted to get clear on top and because of my periodontal problems on the bottom I have to get metal. When I got the top braces on I was 11 weeks pregnant and very nauseous and again Dr.Ward was really accommodating making sure I was okay and looking after me individually as patient. 
I got them on the day before we went away and I was a little apprehensive-pain wise that I would regret that but they were absolutely fine!! For a few days my teeth were a little tender and I did get a few mouth sores just on the ends where the wire was but they’re on 3 weeks now and I can’t even notice them! 
Will keep you all updated on my progress with pics too. And any question feel free to mail me! 
Lots of love