We all know in certain circumstances when it is time to walk away. Whether it is a group of work colleagues that drain the life out of you or mammys at the school you just don’t click with. You stay away, you don’t interact and for all intensive purposes you stay away from situations that are negative and will do nothing but negatively effect you’re mental self, your mood and your aura. Fairly easily, you don’t really know these people and cutting them out doesn’t directly effect your life.
Now what happens when these people are friends, family members, partners and walking away just isn’t as easy as it sounds. 
At what point do you say enough is enough, being around this person or people is affecting your life in a negative way. When do you think about yourself and put you first and say as much as there are many good times and good qualities in this person they just don’t out way the bad any more. 
It is very common to not put yourself first. To grin and bare almost anything for the sake of others. But when should you be selfish, put yourself first and say I deserve better. When do you walk away from a relationship that is draining, stressful and having an effect on every aspect of your life. When do you ignore the fact that you have been friends for 25 years or in a relationship for 10years and had 2 great years or you are blood related and that is paramount. 
When do you say I am a good person, this is not normal, this is not a happy life. And I deserve a happy life. I want to laugh and have fun and be truely happy and that is not something that you make me. 
When the negativity effects every other aspect of your life, how you treat others, how you treat your children, how you treat yourself then for me it is time to walk away. When you have been put down so much that you start to truly believe it yourself then it is time to walk away. 
When a persons negative words become your inner voice it is time to walk away. 
And when u open your mouth and the negativity of that person comes out, it is time to walk away. 
When you are afraid to do something, anything because you know it will cause a problem or you walk on egg shells just to try keep that person in a happy place to make your life easier, when anything you do is never good enough or you walk through the door not knowing which mood or person you are going to meet today it is time to remove yourself from that situation. 
When a factor in a decision you are making is based solely on how another person will react, it is time to walk away.
Life it way too short to be anything but truely happy. It is such a cliche but true.
Life has its ups and downs and people have bad days but when it is more than that and it is effecting every part your life something needs to change. 
I want to spend my life laughing, having fun and spending time with people that love me and lift me higher. 
I want to look back on my life when my time comes and smile. 
Do you?

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