Hi everyone, 

Apologies with the lack of posts lately- I have been very busy!! And the weeks have just flown in!! 
Third pregnancy with a 6 year old and 16month old in toe and the weeks are just flying in. 
Well, so far so good this pregnancy! I feel really good!! Sickness never came back after 11weeks and basically no other symptoms. I have had a lot of pressure and baby is sitting very low and with it being third baby and so close to Noa I guess it’s bound to happen!! But other than that easiest pregnancy so far! But I really can’t complain! 
I am exhausted a lot of the time and by the time Neil gets home from work I am usually handing the two kids over! I work 3 nights a week too so that is starting to take its toll in the last maybe 3 weeks! We had our 20 week scan and also a 3D scan and have found out we are having another little girl so we are over the moon for Noa to have a sister so close in age! Now the name game begins…. All suggestions welcome!!! 
I am still loving the long sleeve maternity tops I posted about on my Facebook from Asos! They’re so practical and comfortable!! 
I haven’t been to the hospital dive 13 weeks so excited to go next week and see how everything is progressing! And from next week I am in the third trimester! 
Thanks for reading, 
Laura and bump X