I’m not one for making New Years resolutions usually but this year Neil and I decided to make some together…. 

I do usually stick to mine in fairness- I gave up smoking on a New Year’s Eve and haven’t touched one since!! 
1. Tv Free Night
One night a week we have decided to keep the tv off and just talk.. As silly as it sounds its something we do anyway every now and again and with two small kids it’s rare to actually get time to sit and talk! 
2. Date Night
As most couples do we have vowed to make date night a specific day and time and stick to it!! 
3. Bake more 
This was more me (although my husband was all for the eating end) I want to try a new dish once a week! 
4. Have more patience
We have two kids and in 2016 it will be three.. I don’t think I have to say anymore… 
5. Detox
Our plan is to drink lemon water every morning. We should be doing it anyway! But now is as good a time to start as any!!
Now as much as people may laugh… As people did with mine! Yes it’s hurtful and discouraging but.. The main thing is you are setting goals, setting challenges and trying to improve your health and mental health. So if you have New Years resolutions I applaud you….. 
Now just stick to them!! 
Lots of love 
Laura x