Those first few days while you are still in hospital with your beautiful little bundle are indescribable. You are so high on endorphins and adrenalin, and mainly high on love of your little one. You cant sleep if you wanted to because when you are not smiling and talking about your new baby you are staring at them. 

There is nothing at all for you to do but be gentle with yourself and look after your baby. Everything you need is within arms reach and your breakfast, lunch and dinner is made for you. 
All you really want to do is bring your little bundle home.. you big yourself up for the big day and first journey home….
Now what…
Here are a few little tricks to surviving those first few weeks (and months) of motherhood…
Accept Help:
This is my best advice I have ever given and been given. I dont know if it is an Irish or a pride thing, but us Irish have such a tendency to say no to help. The Irish “I’m grand” attitude.. But the more help you have the happier mom you will be- from my experience. When Briar was born my MIL brought over a cooked chicken and a little grocery shop and it was literally the best thing anyone could have done for me. 
Do nothing:
As a mum of three there is ALWAYS something to do. And I am never on top of everything at home. But getting through those first few days/weeks it’s important to just switch off do nothing and lean a little bit heavier on your partner/husband. It might be hardier on them for a while but looking after a newborn especially if you have others kids is hard too. Especially if you are breastfeeding and doing all the nights too!
Its the good Oul “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice but it is so true. Sleep deprivation not only affects you mentally it leaves you looking drained, grey and it can start to takes its toll on you skin too. It’s extremely hard to sleep when baby sleeps when you have other kids or an 18month old like I did but try go to bed super early or when baby starts to get into a bit of a routine go to bed when baby does! These days don’t last forever but the days will be much easier and enjoyable when you’ve had more sleep! 
Eat well and Drink water: 
If you are breastfeeding you are already drinking litres of water!!!! But eating right and drinking enough water is essential for a successful breast feeding journey and also to help you look and feel better after delivery. Never skip a meal. 
Start your day on the right foot:
How you start your day can really effect how your whole day pans out. For me if I put on a little bit of make up, brush my hair and put on something that’s not a tracksuit or lounge pants and my day is already looking brighter.. Now I’m not saying fresh hair and a full face of make up but a bit of mascara and a brush through your hair can make all the difference!! 
Work out:
At the end of those first few weeks my greatest tip is to walk or work out or both! Obviously check with your GP and make sure it’s okay for you to start excersizing again and then the sky’s the limit. For me working out or walking helps me mentally more than anything.
These tips aren’t for everyone and as we know every mom is different. 
These worked for me.. 
Would love to hear your tips to. 
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Thanks for reading