Briar is going through her 4th leap at the moment and wants nothing but my arms….. 

It can be stressful but this time around… With baby number 3, I chose to embrace it! 
Today while Noa was having her nap B was so cranky I lay on the couch with her on my chest and she fell asleep… And so this blog post was inspired… 
I should be cleaning the kitchen and putting away the grocerys but instead I cuddled you…  
I should be hoovering the floors and mopping afterwards. But instead I kissed you and let you sleep…. 
I should be re-washing the clothes I left out in the rain last night and forgot to take in… But instead I held you tighter. 
I could be doing my hair and putting a little bit of make up on but instead I held you.. 
I should be running the piles of clothes in our kitchen through the dryer and put them away… But instead I kiss your tiny hand that is resting on my chest… 
Because one day that tiny little hand won’t reach for me.
One day my chest won’t be where she rests her head. 
One day her tiny hand won’t fit in mine like this. 
And one day her tiny calm body won’t fit on my chest anymore. 
So today….
I held you. 

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