I can never find the time to do all the house work, I set unrealistic goals for my self and get stressed when they’re not done i think this is an area that most busy moms can relate to. We try to find some spare time and improvise, but in the end, as mums we simply want to spend time with our little ones instead of cleaning our home. Fortunately, we live in the era where people can book home cleaners in less than 60 seconds. Hassle.com/ie is the online leading marketplace for cleaning services and claims to find you a trusted, local cleaner with only a few clicks. I was intrigued by this service and wanted to give it a try. It’s so easy to use and you can pick you’re very own cleaner, read their reviews and book for a time that is convenient for you. I found the whole process so simple to use and my cleaner was early, professional and very thorough.  

One thing I have learnt since becoming a mother is how to tackle stains. Chocolate Ice cream on a favourite dress or A cup of coffee spilt on a new cream rug. Been there!! Instead of driving myself crazy wiping faces and stripping my kids almost naked when they are eating Spagetti Bolognese I decided to get one up on these stubborn stains and learn instead how to remove them! 
Here are my top 5 stain removing tips…
Getting to a stain ASAP is the best way to stop it setting in but that isn’t always possible. If the chocolate has already dried in pour a little milk over the stain and leave for about 10 mins. This will allow the chocolate stain to become active again and you can try and remove it again from an active state. After 10 mins or so run cold water through the stain but not rubbing to hard as this will set it further into the fabric. And don’t use warm water as this will only set the stain. When most of the chocolate has come out was as normal on a cold wash.
Marker on a table
This is so easy!!!! All you need is some hand sanitiser or some rubbing alcohol and some kitchen towel. Pour some onto the marker and leave for a few mins then as easy an anything just wipe away… If it’s a big stain or a little stubborn just repeat the steps again! This also works with marker on clothes!! Wash on a cold wash after!
Marker on Carpet
Use white vinegar. Cover the marker with white vinegar, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.. Repeat if necessary! 
Tea/Coffee on a Carpet
Again, the sooner you catch this the better. Otherwise you will just have to repeat the steps more than once. If you catch it early soak as much of it up as you can with a towel or paper towels! 
Pour a generous amount of baking soda into the stain and with a damp cloth work it into the stain! Rinse it out with cold water. Repeat as needed! 
A really easy way to get oil out of almost anything is to spray hairspray over it, rinse out with cold water and wash on a cold wash afterwards! 
This post is in collaboration with hassle.ie, the easiest way to book a cleaner for your home or business! It’s a reliable, safe and extremely professional way of booking a cleaner. Check out their website to find out more! 

I received a voucher for hassle.ie in exchange for this collaboration, as always my opinion of their service is my own. 

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