I have three children. 1, 2 and 7. So as you can imagine snack time is a huge part of our day. My 7 year old is constantly hungry and the little ones love a snack. And I love to give them a snack especially when I have to get something done!! #smallwins

As with the rest of their meals, I am very conscious of the snacks I give my children and strive to give them the healthiest options I can. Fresh fruit and veg is something I always go for but that’s not always possible every day and also if we are out and about, which most days we are. This is where organix come in. I have long been a fan of organix and my love for the brand just continues to grow. It’s the only brand I have found with healthy snacks for my kids that they actually enjoy! When I got the opportunity to work with organix on their “no junk promise” I jumped at the chance. 

Organix is a brand I buy weekly for my kids! It’s a brand I am confident in and a brand I trust. It makes things so easy when I am flying around the supermarket to grab and not have to worry about reading labels and comparing ingredients. 

Last week Organix sent us out their Banana puffer corn, gingerbread men, carrot stix, raisins and cocoa and orange crispy bars. 
The banana puffer corn was the only one we have never tried. Unfortunately it didn’t go down well with the 7 year old or my 2 1/2 year old. I think they may have been expecting a popcorn taste/feel which is just isn’t. Briar, my 1 year old LOVED them. And I felt safe giving them to her as they are soft and squishy. So when the older two are having popcorn I feel at ease giving B Organix puffer corn and not being worried at all that she may not be able to eat them!
The Carrot Stix and Raisins are a staple in this house and in my weekly shopping. My 7 year old and 2 1/2 year old love the raisins in their porridge in the morning. And Briar loves them as a snack during the day.

I also love to put the raisins into a bowl for her and help her to practise her pincer grasp! 

Daddy uses them also on his porridge and me on my granola!! I also find with Organix compared to other brands of raisins I’ve bought, Organix raisins don’t stick to the inside of the box making them so easy to tip out!

The carrot stix all three absolutely adore!! Noa and Briar fight over sharing a bag so the bag has to be split into two bowls or a bag each is a nessasity!! They do make a big mess on Briars face but she adores them and it’s nothing a baby wipe can’t handle!! 
The Gingerbread Men I tend to give as more of a “treat” which go down so well.. And also work very effectively as bribery!! Briar has gotten 6 teeth in two weeks so I thought the gingerbread men may be a little hard on her gums but actually she sucked them till they were soft and then devoured one!! 
My 7year old and one year old love the crispy bars! Unfortunately Noa my 2 1/2 year old didn’t but can’t will them all!! For her it was more about the orange flavour she didn’t like. I find these perfect for lunch boxes too!
What I love most about Organix is their “no junk promise”. Organix pride themselves on no junk in their snacks. No added salt or sugar- something us mums are getting more and more aware of. They have a huge range of snacks for all our fussy little eaters and although they may be a little bit on the higher scale of snacks on the market, I genuinely feel you are paying for quality and for a healthy alternative to all other options on the market at the moment. Organix is a brand that is always on offer which is something I buy in bulk when I spot. Makes it extremely affordable for a brand you can trust. 
This is a paid collaboration with Organix, but as always all opinions are my own. Love, life and little ones supports brands I truely believe in and trust.