Lat weekend, Neil and I took the kids to Luggwoods to hop on board their Halloween Train. We are huge Luggwoods fans, so when we were given the invite I immediately said yes! I knew we would not be disappointed and we certainly were not! As always, from the second you spot the Luggwoods sign as you drive in, you know something great is about to happen.

The scene was set so well, as always! With our kids excited before they even got out of the car. A new addition to Luggwoods was a coffee dock before you enter, in the car park. I think this is a great idea… some fuel for the parents before the train or for some hot chocolates to enjoy in the car on the way home. (We chose the latter!) They don’t accept card so make sure you bring some cash!

One thing Noa our 4 year old remembered from the Easter Train and also from their Christmas Train was the face painting before hand. She actually was excited the whole way in the car about it! She wanted to have her face painted as “Ana from Frozen”. Unfortunately, there was no face painting this time which she was a little disappointed about! She soon got over it mind!

I mentioned this to one of the owners who actually informed me they thought most kids would already have their face painted arriving, which I totally get. She took my point on board and told me from the next day there would be face-painting available. That is one thing I just love about Luggwoods is their commitment to make sure it is as enjoyable as possible for both the parents and the children. They are so accommodating and really take their feedback on board. (No pun intended!)

As always the experience started off with two fantastic girls leading us up to the train. They were really interactive with everyone on board and kept the children engaged throughout. We saw a fairy village, lots of huge spiders and my little ones favourite- we found clues throughout the forest to tell the witch when we got to her house. They loved spotting them and shouting out the answers (with a little whisper in the ear as 2 of mine can’t read yet!!).

We saw Luggwoods breath taking view of Dublin City which is a must see in itself. It looks so beautiful as it starts to get dark so if you can, I would try and book a later slot. But, it looks as beautiful in day light too!

When we arrived at the Luggwoods barn we were met with my favourite part of Luggwoods, their wizard. He was on their Easter Train as their Mad Hatter and back on their Halloween Train as a wizard. He is fantastic!!!! He really takes the energy up another level. He is so animated and really gets into it with the kids. He gets them motivated to dance and sing and really makes sure everyone is involved. For me he just brings such a level of joy and positivity to the whole experience he is a credit to Luggwoods.

We then met the witch and she was great too. We told her all of the ingredients we had found in the forest and made her potion. We got a family picture at this point! We then went into the next barn where the kids got to pick a pumpkin each and again another picture. I love these pictures, as so often we don’t actually take a family picture but it is so important to capture the memories that you and the little ones can look back on!

The children then got to carve out their pumpkins or decorate them which all of ours loved. Then…back to some dancing with the witch and the wizard. The kids just had so much fun. From start to finish as always, they were entertained.

At this point refreshments are also available. You can buy a light up wand or light for 5euro and the pictures are 10euro each or two for 15euro. They do accept card for the pictures.

If we had paid for our trip, for 2 adults and 3 children, it would have been 48.36euro (they have great family deals) which in my opinion is worth every penny. You get what you pay for an more from Luggwoods. It was such a lovely day out for us and for the kids.

For more information or to book a slot check out their website by clicking here

We were kindly invited on Luggwoods Halloween Train with no expectation of a review but I had to write a review because we loved it and I think you all will too. If you are looking to do something this midterm with the kids go to Luggwoods you will not be disappointed.

All opinions, as always are my own.

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