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My skin journey with Renaissance Clinic and Image Skin care

I have had acne for the last 4 years. About 5 years ago I got psoriasis (inherited from my nana) and I think the two are linked. My skin on my face began to act up not too long after on my second pregnancy, with my first daughter Noa. 

I always presumed it was pregnancy related and hormonal. Now I’m not so convinced. I think everything together plays a big part in my skin.Psoriasis, hormones, pregnancy, breastfeeding and stress. And now I am left with damaged skin that needs some help. I’ve blogged about trying different things from homemade recipes to every over the counter brand out there!! Nothing ever worked. 

Skin is very specific and for me I knew I needed a pharmacutical grade skin care regime. 
I visited two salons for a skin consultation one was Monica Tolans in malahide. The other the Renaisance Clinic in Howth. Both deal with pharmacutical brands that can’t be bought over the counter. I was very disappointed with Monica Tolans, you can read why here. And completely at ease with the Renaissance clinic. They made me feel calm, hopeful and like I am in very safe hands. Sarah recommends 6 peels for my skin problems and 3 micro-needling sessions. 
What I loved about Image Skin care is with each session you get a prescription with what products you should use morning and evening to help your skin and also to prepare it for the next peel which will be a higher strength. I won’t post what I am using because as I said, skin is specific and everyone’s will be different. But I will say I am seeing some big difference!! 
My first peel was a non chemical peel. It was the peel and a gentle way to start my treatment. My skin looked amazing after just two weeks of using there products and one peel. 

My skin hasn’t reacted to the products what so ever. My skin is thriving. And although the redness and problem areas are still there it’s all under the skin and my skin is so soft I can’t explain it. 

The illuma serum that is a big part of my daily routine has completely helped to take the redness out of my skin. It hasn’t looked this calm in about 4 years. 

Sarah told me after my first peel I may break out. And a couple of days after I took these pics I did break out. 

The first thing I noticed about this breakout which was different to all my breakouts in the past, was that this one came all at once and didn’t last very long.  Before my month was just a continued cycle of breakouts no end and beginning. This time they all came together and within 3 days were almost gone. My skin over all is very healthy and I think means it can easily deal with breakouts. Because let’s be honest I will still get breakouts. We all do. But I think the biggest thing we can do to help ourselves is make sure our skin is in the best health it can be and our breakouts will be here and gone in the blink of an eye. 

My peels are scheduled about every two weeks so I will check back in after my next one.

The Perfect Gift this Christmas!

The more I blog the more I realise I have never really ventured much out of my comfort zone regarding beauty products and brands. And I’m getting pleasantly surprised every single day.. 
Next on my pleasantly surprised list of brands I should have tried years ago is Vichy… 
Vichy have six bespoke gift sets this Christmas.. 
I have been trying out the Idealia range for about a month now and I am so impressed. I have really sensitive and problematic skin so I was a little apprehensive and praying I didn’t get a reaction from the brand but I am really happy with how I got on.. 
I have also been trying out their foundation and powder and to say I am impressed is an understatement. I am blown away. I absolutely love their foundation and equally their loose powder. All of the products have been so soft and so gentle on my skin I just can’t believe I have never tried them before. 

The idealia range is specifically formulated to improve skin quality and combat the signs of behavioural ageing- pollution, stress, fatigue and UV exposure. I for sure need help with all of the above!!! Specially designed for women concerned with the first signs of ageing. Idealia promises to re awaken the skin and give an even complexion. 
The gift set includes cleansing micellar water 200ml, day care cream 50ml,skin sleep 15ml and spa water 50ml.
Idealia Cleanser… I loved this cleanser it is gentle and lighted on the skin and removed eye make up very efficiently. It didn’t give me and stinging or redness like other brands that I have tried and I am very impressed.
Idealia Day Cream… The day cream was extremely hydrating and I absolute loved that. My only thing was it left a little bit of product on the face and I felt i had to wipe off before I put my make up on. I tend to wear make up most days so this didnt really suit me. But maybe my skin just didn’t absorb all the face cream had to offer. For the days I was make up free it was perfect.
Idealia Night Cream… This I can’t fault! Immediate hydration with this night cream!!!! As soon as I put it on one part of my face it is super hydrated compared to the rest! And the next morning- no remainder of cream on my face and soft and radiant looking skin!

RRP €35
I also tried their dermablend foundation and loose powder!

As soon as I put this foundation on I just couldn’t believe it. The consistency is absolutely amazing and it’s got a great amount of coverage but still really light on the face and very soft.. I am totally converted and can’t believe I’ve only just found it now… RRP €21.99

The powder I feel just the same about. Couldn’t have loved it more! It’s light, soft and very easily blendable. And totally set my make up for the whole day! RRP €19.99

Another thing that I noticed was how soft my skin was every morning when I woke up. I’m not sure this was down to one specific product or a combination of all the Vichy products but my skin has never felt softer and I am so grateful!
With four other womans gift sets and one men’s Vichy is your go to range for any gift you need this Christmas. 
Check out their website here for more information!
I received these products for the purpose of this review. As always, my opinion is my own. 

Mommys Morning Routine!

I am not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. But having two little ones will definitely force you to be one. (Kicking and screaming for most) Noa wakes up at about 6 every morning and Kyle isn’t far behind her. As I am breastfeeding and co sleeping and sometimes feeding twice or three times during the night, my husband will get up with the kids and I can have an hour more sleep! Well that’s the plan anyway… 

Usually it was 8 am and i am was dragging myself up rushing around trying to get things done in a panic before we have to leave for school! Not a great start to the day for any of us a family. I decided to try make a few changes to benefit us all as a family. And start the day on a happier and much calmer tone. And hopefully carry it on throughout the day! 
Get up 30 mins earlier! 
So the first thing that was obvious to me was that I had to get up earlier. No matter what way Noa slept or how many times she nursed getting up earlier was the main change that had to be made. So alarm set and I am getting up regardless if everyone is still asleep. And regardless of how many times Noa nursed or what time I went to bed at!
Go to bed earlier! 
Neil and I had definitely fallen into the same situation I’m sure all parent do, trying to squeeze every second out of the time from when the kids go to bed till it’s time for us to go to bed. With the two kids asleep it’s so hard to leave that beautifully quiet and peaceful place where you can watch TV or read a book without any interruptions. Or catch up with your husband without having to start the story 4 times because you can’t remember what you are talking about!!!
Drink a glass of water! 
Water and breastfeeding go hand in a hand so for that reason I drink more water now than I ever have in my life! But drinking one glass as soon as you wake up literally kick starts your day! So I try do this every morning!
I always shower at night time. Seems a bit pointless but I can never face washing my hair in the morning and rushing trying to dry it. But in the morning I always waiting until Noa was having a nap before showering. (Just not washing my hair) It is much more beneficial now to shower first thing and I am a happier (cleaner) mommy and I don’t feel like I am chasing my tail all day. 
Have breakfast, and have it together! 
Sitting down together as a family at meal time is something my family always did when I was growing up and something that is really important to me now in my family. I always wait for my husband to be home before having dinner because I think it’s really important to reconnect as a family after a long day. So why was I rushing around and just grabbing something while we all ate the most important meal of the day seperately? Breakfast is a great time to connect as a family and talk about the day ahead because half an hour later everybody is doing seperate things and apart again! 
These few little changes have really made my life ironically easier. I am not chasing my tail all day I am ready to go and ready for the day ahead!! I am a happy mom and have a happier family for it!! 
Thanks for reading! 

Skin solution

After about 18 months of acne on my face and trying most skincare products out there I can FINALLY say it is almost gone!!!! And here’s how…..
When I got pregnant on my second baby, my daughter Noa my skin almost immediately became quiet irritated and my face broke out in acne areas. Not everywhere, usually just on my cheek bones. As a beauty therapist I tried everything I could think of products from phyts, decleor, dermologica and many more. I would never go to bed with my makeup on and my diet wasn’t too bad I couldn’t find a solution and I just gave up looking for one. 
After I had Noa it got worse and I thought maybe it was down to breastfeeding her. Over the last few months it’s been at it’s worst and really getting me down. I found Katie a skin guru on Instagram and among a few I emailed her and she got back to me almost immediately. 
She explained triggers and causes of acne and simple steps I could do to try and improve my acne. I was a little apprehensive at first because I never saw results in anything before but gave it a go. And with the advise of Katie and a few new products I can now for the first time in 18 months see it improving. 

Here’s what I did… 
1. Cut a lot of sugar and dairy out of my diet! 
2. Threw my make up wipes into the bin. 
3. Properly cleansed toned and moisturised my face every night. 
4. Exfoliate twice/three times a week. 
5. Mud mask once a week. 
And last change I really think made a huge impact. 
6. Moisturise with pure coconut oil every night. 

And that is it!! 
The redness is still there a little bit but the sore big bumps of acne are gone and I can’t believe it. 
The benefits of coconut oil are endless and that will be for another blog, but it’s anti bacterial properties are helping to clear my face for sure. 
Exfoliator and mask I am using at the mo is from botanics range in boots and coconut oil I pick up from my local supermarket, Super Value. It’s much cheaper then health food store.
Cleanser is garnier mi cellar water and it is amazing! But I also picked up a tea tree foam wash from lidl that is also amazing! It’s Light and easy! 

If you suffer from acne or breakouts I cant stress how much I think that these few changes have helped me and definitely the coconut oil has made such a big difference. Try it! You wont be disappointed!

Thanks for reading ladies,
Have a lovely weekend! 

Crown brushes review

Hi ladies,
So I am such a sucker for sticking with what I know. Since I was 17 I’ve used MAC brushes. I’ve always loved them and they always did the trick, but I’ve always wanted to find an alternative. With two kids a husband and a house, my once loved MAC brushes are pretty low on the list of priorities! 
I saw the crown brush brand first when another Irish blogger so sue me put her name to a range of them. But as a sceptic, I wondered how much of her opinion was biased now being on the payroll!
So I thought what’s the harm I’ll give them a go! They aren’t too expensive ranging from €3 upwards! I bought an angled liner/brow brush, a concealer brush and two contour brushes! Delivery took just two days which was great! So I got down to it! I don’t know about you ladies, but for me I know if I like something straight away! I am a huge believer in your gut and I apply that to all aspects of life (even beauty products!) so I popped some concealer on the brush and began to put it on. Straight away I was impressed. The brushes are heaver than I expected. About the same as MAC I don’t know why I expected lighter but they’re not. They’re sturdy. As soon as I applied I knew what so sue me says about them is true! They are really worth every penny! I tried all the brushes and have been using them since and I have to say I was truly impressed. They make the job so easy and are worth every cent I spent on them! For me as a working mum of two I need something that does what it’s meant to do and is cheap, effective and most of all makes my life easier!! Love the brushes, love the price, love the quality. I would highly recommend them to a friend and if you haven’t tried them already you should. 
My next review will be on the foundation and some powder blender and blusher brushes but I am confident these will live up to my expectations! Stay tuned ladies! 
Have a look! You won’t be disappointed! 

Make Up Revolution at Superdrug Review

Hi ladies, 

I had been hearing a lot of things about makeup revolution at superdrug, how their eyeshadow pallete is a dupe for the naked pallete.. So I thought I would try for myself. I picked up their contour pallete, mascara and a nude lipstick. 
Firstly, it’s so cheap about €13 for the lot but at the end of the day it’s still €13 you could be putting towards something actually worth your hard earned money. 

So firstly the mascara, 

this was about €3/€4 and initially when I put it on I thought wow really lengthened my lashes and thought could this be too good to be true? I was right!! It takes forever to dry ending up with it all over your face.. So by the time u finished cleaning the black mess all around your eyes.. It’s not even worth it! Doesn’t last very long and my mum tried it too and it looked as if she hasn’t even applied mascara at all. It’s not even worth the €3/€4 I paid for it! Don’t waste your money on this!! 
The lipstick 
Makeup revolutions lipstick was a little better than the mascara again it retails at €1.49 so what can you expect right?! But if it’s not fit for purpose what’s the point in buying it at all. Again goes on nice the coulours are great but it just doesn’t last. It’s very thinly based and in 15 mins I will be reapplying it. Again cheap as chips but you might as well be throwing your €1.49 down the drain! Again wouldn’t recommend this! 

The contour pallete 
After using this for the last couple of weeks I have to say the jury is still out. This shade is the light to medium and retails for €7.99. It goes on great, nice and creamy and blends very well but again with their other products it just doesn’t have that long lasting effect I have experienced with other brands. It is nice for everyday quite natural contour but definitely not for a dramatic contoured effect. There are too many highlight colours and not enough contour in my opinion and after two weeks my darkest colour is almost gone. For every day use as a natural look I give this 5/10 but for night time or more dramatic 2/10. Price is Defo right on all these products but the just fall a little below average for me. 
Thanks for reading ladies, 

Garnier BB cream Review

Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have suffered with some mild acne on my face. I have never had it before so it’s all very new to me. As a beautician I have tried most products that I would recommend to clients but none have worked so far for me. 
As a result, I now tend to wear foundation most of the time. I tried and tested a couple of brands of tinted moisturiser but found them quiet dry and thick and very streaky and patchy on my face! Quiet visible that I was wearing something on my face which you don’t want all day everyday! As a result, most mornings before the school run I would wear foundation which is alot of work for a busy mum of two!! And also probably making my skin worse with no room to breathe. Foundation is quite heavy on the skin and especially 12 hours a day!
I picked up Garnier BB Cream in my local boots as I had never tried it before. I got medium as I am quite dark. I put a bit on the back of my hand and used my fingers to spread it all over my face. My skin at the mo is quiet dry and lifeless and I have to say this Garnier BB cream was like a breathe of fresh air. First thing I noticed was it smells amazing. It is oil free but wasn’t as thick in consistency than tinted moisturisers that I have used before so it spread really nice, evenly and easily. I immediately had a healthy glow to my dull skin. It didn’t completely cover the problem areas of my face but I am happy it has room to breathe! It took me two mins and feels like I’m wearing nothing. It is perfect for everyday wear and the school run. I will be wearing everyday and I think it is definitely one to try from a busy working mum of two and as a beautician! Big thumbs up from me! It has SPF of 20 which is great as I always would wear SPF under foundation in my moisturisers as a rule! 
Pic below is before and immediately after with only Garnier BB cream and then with some powder over and blush and mascara!