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Brooklodge Macreddin Village Review

Neil and I had the absolute pleasure of staying in Brooklodge earlier this month and our experience was heavenly. It was our third visit to Brooklodge and third time did not disappoint. 

Brooklodge is in Mecreddin Village in Co.Wiclow about 1 hour and a half from Dublin. And a village is exactly what is is like. When you park at the hotel you can say goodbye to your car for your stay. There is a pub, an organic restraunt and an Italian restraunt all on the grounds. There is also a wedding reception building, a church, two swimming pools and a spa! 

Not forgetting the main attraction (for my husband) a stunning hole golf course. 

Brooklodge is GSM free zone and my goodness can you tell. Everything we ate from morning to night was so fresh so flavoursome and just so healthy to taste. The breakfast (my favourite) pulls out all the stops and has an option for everyone.

The vibe when you walk through the door is so homely, the dim lights whisper relaxation and the basket of fresh eggs and freshly home made brown bread scream healthy food. It is heaven.

They have two restraunts on the ground a beautiful and intimate Italian and also an organic stunning restraunt called “The Strawberry Tree” we ate at the Italian and it did not disappoint. I had prawns to start and ravioli for my main. Both gorgeous. 
Does it get any better than this? 
Surprisingly yes it does….. 

The only thing more stunning than the views that surround Brooklodge are the staff. Each one just absolutely outstanding. Any small request made to any of the staff or any questions or queries were not a big deal in the slightest. Tea and toast up to the room for a pregnant women that was peckish at 11pm, not a problem at all. We were made feel like we were the only guests staying there and never made feel like we were putting anybody out with any request or question we had. 

The Spa…

Again I won’t pretend I wasn’t already converted but the spa is just amazing. Fitting in so perfectly with the overall vibe of the hotel itself. Relaxation being first and foremost. The smells of oils, the music the water available as you sit on a lounger by the pool. I was disappointed this time there was no bowl of fruit available, as there was before. Relaxing is hungry work!

We were there Friday and Saturday and Friday was absolute bliss we had the spa to ourselves and it was heaven on earth. Saturday there were a lot more people down as there was a wedding on the Sunday so there were a group of about 11 groomsmen in the pool when we went down on the Saturday- not my ideal situation as it was loud and a lot less relaxing. So I would love if the spa pool could remain as a quiet spa like feel and perhaps stags and hens could be encouraged to use brooklodges second pool. 
But… I had all the envy for the wedding party. What a STUNNING place for a wedding. They even have a little church on the grounds too. 

All in all I was so impressed. Did I miss my kids? Not one bit. Will I be going back? RUNNING.
Brooklodge you did not disappoint. Can’t wait to go back!
Laura x

5 reasons why we Love Child’s Farm!

When we were given the opportunity to review some Child’s Farm products I was more than happy to oblige. My friend Kellie from “My Little Babog Blog” loves them and uses them on her children so I knew I would love it too, so of course I jumped at the chance!

From the very first squeeze of the bottle, I knew I would love them! We are totally converted and here are 5 reasons why..


Joanna Jensen the creator and found of Child’s Farm first caught my attention. A mum of two daughters, Joanna only used organic washes on their skin and hair and she often felt disappointed by the products. Joanna decided it was time kids had their own set of products, which smelt great, were kind to skin and really worked…and the idea for the Childs Farm was born. Joanna had clear ideas of what she wanted from her children’s brand and most importantly it had to be as natural as possible with ‘free-from’ ingredients without affecting quality or results.
Joanna worked for a year getting the products right, making sure that the blends were just perfect by using a combination of essential oils along with the wonder ingredient, Argan oil. Most importantly, SLS, SLES, artificial colours, mineral oils, parabens and petrochemicals are NOWHERE to be found, and together this has resulted in Childs Farm becoming the first, and only, baby & children’s skincare range of its kind!
The smell
The smell is absolutely devine and it’s a soft natural smell not really strong and in your like other baby brands I have used on my children in the past. 
Even after the bath is over the soft smell lingers in the bathroom.. And I really noticed even when I was kissing the kids goodnight when I’m going to bed I can smell it off their hair and the moisturiser I’ve used on them.. It’s edible!!
The Ingredients
* Childs Farm uses natural ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to produce a range of mild, kind and delicious-smelling toiletries.
* All Childs Farm products care for the hair and skin of newborns, babies and children.
* One of very few baby and child ranges that undergo clinical and controlled user trials.
* These certify that all Childs Farm products are dermatologically tested and approved, and paediatrician approved, as suitable for newborns and children with sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
The gentleness 
Noa has the same skin as me. It’s very sensitive. Any time she has an infection her skin can break out in a rash or hives.. So I’ve always had to be so careful with her bath products and the washing powder I used on her clothes and bed clothes. Child’s Farm is so gentle on her skin. I honestly have never felt or seen her hair so soft! Her skin is soft and not one hint of a reaction. It’s like a weight is lifted. I’ve found something I can use on her that literally ticks all of the boxes! 
✓  Dermatologically tested and approved
✓  Paediatrician approved
✓  Suitable for newborns and upwards
✓  Suitable for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin
✓  98% naturally derived ingredients
✓  Made with organic essential oils
✓  Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours
✓  Never tested on animals, only on people

The price
I have been using these products for 4 weeks and they are not even half gone yet.. The bubbles have less in it, my kids love lots of bubbles and you have to use a generous amount but still loads left! 
The 250ml are only only €4.50. And in my opinion,worth every cent! 

Now the low down on what we thought of each product we reviewed…

Bubble Bath
As I said above the smell is amazing.. The bubble bath moisturises as you bathe which I love as my girls have dry skin. You have to use quite a generous amount though to get lots of bubbles like my girls want. (Which is lots!!)
3in1 Swim
This shampoo, conditioner and body wash combo I was excited to try. Kyle does swimming lessons and even after showering I can never get the smell of chlorine off him. This is fantastic. It’s gentle, it didn’t sting his eyes and left his skin feeling really soft. And most importantly it got rid of the smell of chlorine!!!!
I was very impressed with the moisturiser too. I think it is the best moisturiser I’ve ever used on my children! It smells fresh and light, it left their skin so soft and it drys very quick. Which for me is essential. It didn’t leave their skin oily or greasy what so ever like brands I’ve used in the past! Love it! 
Hair and Body Wash 
This is great. One thing I love is that it doesn’t lather too much in the hair.. Some products give too much lather and just when you think it’s all out there’s more left! 
It didn’t give a hint of irritation to my three children’s sensitive skin (especially Noa Belle) and it didn’t sting any little eyes!
Hair Detangler 
Again, another Child’s Farm product I will buy again! This leaves Noas hair smelling amazing and even when she is just sitting on my lap I can smell it! Her hair has never been softer or shinier between this and the hair and body wash! You just need a little amount sprayed into the hair and brushing through is a dream. 
Overall- SO impressed!!!
We were sent these Child’s Farm products for the purpose of this review but, as always, my opinion and words are my own. 


Have you heard of Purcell and Woodcock? If not, you’re about to hear it a whole lot more!! If you have, you know exactly why!

Purcell and Woodcock is an Irish company specialising in luxury scented candles and diffusers. 
When I got the opportunity to review this stunning range I was a little apprehensive, I am quite a candle connoisseur! And I really know what I like and what I don’t. 
I LOVE these.
First and foremost the Frangrances- 
The fragrances are devine!!! Gina kindly sent me, a “Floral Fushion” Diffuser. I normally don’t like floral frangrances but this is absolutely stunning. It smells so fresh and clean and really light in the air. I have it in my loo and although the room is quite small the scent is not over powering at all! The diffusers retail at €27-€30

I was also sent a large candle in the scent “SeaSalt and Driftwood” again a beautiful fresh fragrance, perfect for any space in your home/business. This candle retails at €18.

And lastly I received a Mini Spa Candle set.. This is fantastic. And for €20 it makes a really great gift. Inside are four smaller candles in four different frangrances. The only problem is trying to choose which one to use first!! The scents are intoxicating- MidnightPomegranate (my personal favourite) it’s a little darker scent but still very light and not too overpowering! Basil mandarin, Mango Guava and Bamboo Green tea! All light really fresh, very uplifting scents. Scents that I am very confident everyone would love. For the first time ever with a candle company I genuinely love every scent. 

Secondly the ingredients, Purcell and Woodcock candles use pure soya wax in their candles and natural frangrances. The use 100% cotton wicks, lead free. Meaning no harsh chemicals in your home especially for me with my little ones! I don’t know if it because of the natural ingredients but the wax doesn’t seem to burn as fast as other candles I have used in the past. They are lasting longer than other candles I’ve used, so far!
I love the packaging and it comes in beautiful expensive looking boxes with a gift bag if you are giving it as a present. But what is really unique and such a beautiful touch is Ginas home advice card. With bits that even after all these years of buying luxury candles I never knew… There are many tips but these two are my favourite.. 
1. The first time you burn your candle burn it for 2-3 hours, allowing the wax to burn evenly across the surface to the edge of the glass. Frangranced candles develop a burn memory and candles that have not been burnt right to the edges on their initial use will “tunnel” and burn unevenly through the centre of the wax causing wax to be wasted. (I never knew this!!)
2. Do not burn your candle for too long. The maximum a candle should be burnt is 4 hours. If you want to burn for longer trim the wick, let the wax cool and relight. 
Gina also gives care advice for her diffuser. Again a unique and clever little add on. My two favourite pieces of advice on Purcell and Woodcock diffusers are. 
1. To increase the fragrance throw, turn the reed sticks upside down and reinsert every couple of days! You can turn a few reeds every few days or all the reeds everyday. Keep in mind the more reeds you turn and the more often you turn them the faster the fragrance will evaporate. 
2. In smaller spaces, use fewer sticks so that the fragrance isn’t too over powering!
Their Christmas scent is Cinnamon and white Ginger! I just love a Christmas scent in the house when the tree goes up!

Purcell and Woodcock is the perfect gift for almost anybody this Christmas. 
Teacher, Lollipop lady, Mum, Sister, Friend. Or even just for yourself. With so many beautiful fragrances you can’t go wrong. I am so impressed with Purcell and Woodcock and I am certain you will be too! 
To see the rest of their range or to purchase check out their website..
I received Purcell and Woodcock products in exchange for an honest review. As always, my opinion is my own. 

No7 review

Hi ladies, 

As a beautician, I have tried and tested most products. I am almost ashamed to say that no7 ultimately slipped under my radar all these years… I recently tried their serum and new mascara and I am shockingly impressed.. 
The serum.. 

This just blew me away. 
I immediately saw a result with this serum.. It is light and a little goes a really long way. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, rejuvenated and doesn’t feel like I’ve even put anything on my skin. I’ve bought my 2nd tube of it and have recommended to all my friends and family.. And I highly recommend it to you too… 
I use it after I cleanse and tone my face and before my moisturiser. 
If you have used it comment below and let me know what you think.. Do you love it as much as I do?  
Next is the velvet lash mascara… 
I have never really found a mascara I love, one that I can go back to knowing it delivers. I always just chopped and changed brands always searching for something better… Until now…. 

This mascara is for sure the best one I’ve used to date. It is super easy to apply, it’s not clumpy. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave those awful black patches all around your eyes. People ask me all the time if I’m wearing false lashes when I’m using this mascara, and that’s all I really need to say! Who doesn’t want a mascara that leaves there’s lashes so full and long people start to notice them! Huge thumbs up from me… I’ve found what I’ve been looking for!

What is your favourite mascara or brand? Comment below. 
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Chilly Moo Review

So who doesn’t love ice cream? Well nobody in my house that’s for sure! Kyle is 5 and would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a constant battle to try get his dinner into him before the dreaded bells of the ice cream man coming into our estate!! But let’s get one thing clear Chilly Moo is not ice cream it’s frozen yoghurt and for me that’s the best bit! A healthy alternative for my little ice cream fiend!!

I first saw Chilly Moo in our local Tesco and always meant to pick some up to try! Chilly Moo is an Irish Frozen Yoghurt, 100% natural and a perfect alternative to ice cream for our whole family. 
Another battle we face everyday is our 10 month old Noa looking for some of Kyles ice cream which she cannot have! Chilly Moo is Gluten Free, 19% real fruit purée and sweetened only with fruit juice concentrates! (Low GI so no sugar highs for an already buzzing 5 year old) and it’s perfect for Noa to have a little taste while her big brother is having some! 
It’s low fat despite using full fat milk and yoghurt! So perfect for mummy to indulge a little too!

First to review was my brutally honest 5 year old Kyle. With his love for ice cream I was a looking forward myself to see how this great alternative measured up. As soon as he tasted it, it was love “wow mom it tastes like a milkshake” were his exact words! Good enough for me. It was then my turn to try! Strawberry and Banana was our first choice and I have to say Kyle was right it was amazing. Like so good!! I have found with a couple of different brands of froyo that they can be quite watery and lose their real flavour. I have to say honestly, Chilly Moo isnt one of them, it is creamy, full of flavour and absolutely delicious.

So next was Noa Belle, let’s just say for a little girl that has never had ice cream or any form of frozen yoghurt before u have never seen anything like her!!! She was instantly addicted. If any of you saw my snap chat stories or video on my Instagram you can see she is loving from the get go.. 

To the point where Kyle would walk into a room with some ChillyMoo in a bowl and our newly crawler would dart across the room saying mmmm….. She was literally liking the empty tub after Kyle!! 

It comes in a variety of different flavours. We tried strawberry, mixed berry and strawberry and banana. My favourite was strawberry and kyles was strawberry and banana. But actually all are equally as delicious! I also loved trying different things as toppings and mix it up a bit. Fruit salad and chopped nuts were favourites in our house.

For me personally I loved it and so did my kids. And it’s nice to know exactly what they’re getting in each bowl and not filling them with sugar! 
Try it, you won’t be disappointed. 
Thanks for reading 
All views are my own. 

Crown brushes review

Hi ladies,
So I am such a sucker for sticking with what I know. Since I was 17 I’ve used MAC brushes. I’ve always loved them and they always did the trick, but I’ve always wanted to find an alternative. With two kids a husband and a house, my once loved MAC brushes are pretty low on the list of priorities! 
I saw the crown brush brand first when another Irish blogger so sue me put her name to a range of them. But as a sceptic, I wondered how much of her opinion was biased now being on the payroll!
So I thought what’s the harm I’ll give them a go! They aren’t too expensive ranging from €3 upwards! I bought an angled liner/brow brush, a concealer brush and two contour brushes! Delivery took just two days which was great! So I got down to it! I don’t know about you ladies, but for me I know if I like something straight away! I am a huge believer in your gut and I apply that to all aspects of life (even beauty products!) so I popped some concealer on the brush and began to put it on. Straight away I was impressed. The brushes are heaver than I expected. About the same as MAC I don’t know why I expected lighter but they’re not. They’re sturdy. As soon as I applied I knew what so sue me says about them is true! They are really worth every penny! I tried all the brushes and have been using them since and I have to say I was truly impressed. They make the job so easy and are worth every cent I spent on them! For me as a working mum of two I need something that does what it’s meant to do and is cheap, effective and most of all makes my life easier!! Love the brushes, love the price, love the quality. I would highly recommend them to a friend and if you haven’t tried them already you should. 
My next review will be on the foundation and some powder blender and blusher brushes but I am confident these will live up to my expectations! Stay tuned ladies! 
Have a look! You won’t be disappointed! 

Make Up Revolution at Superdrug Review

Hi ladies, 

I had been hearing a lot of things about makeup revolution at superdrug, how their eyeshadow pallete is a dupe for the naked pallete.. So I thought I would try for myself. I picked up their contour pallete, mascara and a nude lipstick. 
Firstly, it’s so cheap about €13 for the lot but at the end of the day it’s still €13 you could be putting towards something actually worth your hard earned money. 

So firstly the mascara, 

this was about €3/€4 and initially when I put it on I thought wow really lengthened my lashes and thought could this be too good to be true? I was right!! It takes forever to dry ending up with it all over your face.. So by the time u finished cleaning the black mess all around your eyes.. It’s not even worth it! Doesn’t last very long and my mum tried it too and it looked as if she hasn’t even applied mascara at all. It’s not even worth the €3/€4 I paid for it! Don’t waste your money on this!! 
The lipstick 
Makeup revolutions lipstick was a little better than the mascara again it retails at €1.49 so what can you expect right?! But if it’s not fit for purpose what’s the point in buying it at all. Again goes on nice the coulours are great but it just doesn’t last. It’s very thinly based and in 15 mins I will be reapplying it. Again cheap as chips but you might as well be throwing your €1.49 down the drain! Again wouldn’t recommend this! 

The contour pallete 
After using this for the last couple of weeks I have to say the jury is still out. This shade is the light to medium and retails for €7.99. It goes on great, nice and creamy and blends very well but again with their other products it just doesn’t have that long lasting effect I have experienced with other brands. It is nice for everyday quite natural contour but definitely not for a dramatic contoured effect. There are too many highlight colours and not enough contour in my opinion and after two weeks my darkest colour is almost gone. For every day use as a natural look I give this 5/10 but for night time or more dramatic 2/10. Price is Defo right on all these products but the just fall a little below average for me. 
Thanks for reading ladies, 

Garnier BB cream Review

Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have suffered with some mild acne on my face. I have never had it before so it’s all very new to me. As a beautician I have tried most products that I would recommend to clients but none have worked so far for me. 
As a result, I now tend to wear foundation most of the time. I tried and tested a couple of brands of tinted moisturiser but found them quiet dry and thick and very streaky and patchy on my face! Quiet visible that I was wearing something on my face which you don’t want all day everyday! As a result, most mornings before the school run I would wear foundation which is alot of work for a busy mum of two!! And also probably making my skin worse with no room to breathe. Foundation is quite heavy on the skin and especially 12 hours a day!
I picked up Garnier BB Cream in my local boots as I had never tried it before. I got medium as I am quite dark. I put a bit on the back of my hand and used my fingers to spread it all over my face. My skin at the mo is quiet dry and lifeless and I have to say this Garnier BB cream was like a breathe of fresh air. First thing I noticed was it smells amazing. It is oil free but wasn’t as thick in consistency than tinted moisturisers that I have used before so it spread really nice, evenly and easily. I immediately had a healthy glow to my dull skin. It didn’t completely cover the problem areas of my face but I am happy it has room to breathe! It took me two mins and feels like I’m wearing nothing. It is perfect for everyday wear and the school run. I will be wearing everyday and I think it is definitely one to try from a busy working mum of two and as a beautician! Big thumbs up from me! It has SPF of 20 which is great as I always would wear SPF under foundation in my moisturisers as a rule! 
Pic below is before and immediately after with only Garnier BB cream and then with some powder over and blush and mascara!