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If you can’t say anything nice….

So we have all experienced that one person that says too much. Gives too much of their opinion or basically should just keep their mouth shut! 

I have learned a few of these suspects through my journey breastfeeding Noa. And now I have learned the same people have something to say on every aspect of your life. 
On announcing my pregnancy on baby #3 I expected innapropriate comments from a few culprits and boy did I receive them! 
One person whom finding out literally said “oh fuck” I mean who even says that?! She proceeded to ask was I devastated, to which I had my pre prepared answer no it was planned (which it was) but why should I even justify myself. 
Another woman said I was mad to have another one??! But what I find the most amusing is that she bases that stupid comment on what the ten mins a day she sees me in the school yard?! 
Will this one be your last? 
Wow woman are invasive? Not even sure I’ve fully discussed that with my husband yet!!! 
Oh you will have your hands full!!! 
Do you know what I never even thought about that? What am I going to do now??
Your bump is very small… 
No, just no! 
Please comment below your experiences! Would love to read them too! 
Lots of Love

Noa Belle’s May Favourites

Hi ladies, 
I’ve gotten a few emails about things I use to keep Noa entertained and little bits that she is loving at the mo so thought id do a little blog post and let u all know! Noa is 8 months at the moment!

Sophie the giraffe! 
Ah Sophie, this is a favourite in our house! (Although we all her zu zu) Noa has loved this id say for the last 5 months and loves it just as much now as she did when we first gave it to her at about 3 months old! When our 5 year old had his my mums dog mollie (miniature terrier) stole his as she was a pup and loved it for teething! Now almost 6 years on she hounds Noa for hers… So we always keep a very close eye on zu zu when we are in nanas!! A favourite amoung babies and puppies in our house! Sophie is lightweight and easy to grasp! It is painted with non-toxic food grade paint and it’s little squeak awakens Noa’s sences! Sophie is made with soft natural rubber which is great for her to chew on and really gives her great teething relief! 
Stacking cups! 
These are great! Great for hand eye co ordination! Great for hiding little thing in and having her find it and great for using as sensory cups too putting some pasta in one some large buttons in another and some felt balls in another etc… These are €8.99 from mothercare! 
Tamberine and maracas!  
These at the mo are by far one of Noas favourites and these cost me €1.49 in dealz!! She loves making noise with them! She loves watching ppl sing and dance with them and loves showing them to other people when we are out! Well worth a trip to dealz for these!! 

Stacking Blocks! 
Like the stacking cups these are great for hand eye co ordination! Small and perfect for tiny hands. On the top of each on is a different texture and colour which really catches her eye! These are €13.99, again from mothercare!
Rain Maker! 
This one is from mothercare €8.99 and really fun, it always catches her attention straight away with the sound of all the little balls inside! They are multicoloured too which keeps her watching! 

Play mats! 
These playmats are from penny’s! €8 for a pack of 10 numbers 0-9! I bought 3 and that covers a reasonable amount of floor space for her! **** a little mommy tip that I do is I use the little bag they come in to bring all Noa belles things in when we are heading somewhere for the day they’re perfect! ****
Thanks for reading! 
Laura x