My braces Journey- month one!

I had braces a teenager as most people did back then. But slowly but surely I wore my retainer less and less and my teeth began to move back to their original position. My teeth always were a huge insecurity of mine as long as I could remember so in August 2015 I bit the bullet and at 27 got fixed braces, again!!!! 

When I was pregnant on my first I had some gum trouble and with my second I had it worse, resulting in a front bottom tooth having a lot of periodontal problems. It has risen above the rest and actually fixed braces were the only solution if I wanted to keep the tooth! So again my journey began. Obviously getting them a second time I wanted the cheapest price, but also the best quality. I have literally priced everywhere in Dublin! And Northern Ireland!! 
As most do, I was tempted to go to Newry as prices are extremely competitive but with the exchange rate I decided against it! 
I had a few recommendations and did some research into Dr.Declan Ward in Gladnevin Orthodontics. 
His prices are extremely competitive and his reviews are excellent. I went for my consultation and knew immediately I wanted to get my treatment in Glasnevin Orthodonticts. Firstly the place itself it’s clinically clean and Dr.Ward is so lovely and very accommodating. I told him exactly what I wanted and he really gave me confidence in helping me achieve it. So here I am. 
I opted to get clear on top and because of my periodontal problems on the bottom I have to get metal. When I got the top braces on I was 11 weeks pregnant and very nauseous and again Dr.Ward was really accommodating making sure I was okay and looking after me individually as patient. 
I got them on the day before we went away and I was a little apprehensive-pain wise that I would regret that but they were absolutely fine!! For a few days my teeth were a little tender and I did get a few mouth sores just on the ends where the wire was but they’re on 3 weeks now and I can’t even notice them! 
Will keep you all updated on my progress with pics too. And any question feel free to mail me! 
Lots of love 

My interesting facts about breastfeeding..

Whether you are pro breastfeeding or anti breastfeeding it always remains the same- how much do you actually even know about it?

I am hugely pro breastfeeding and my opinions are my own. But still I felt in the maternity hospital that I went to I was never told anything about breastfeeding a quick “do you plan on breastfeeding?” At your first apt but that’s it. If the answers yes, like it was for me there was no ok well here are dates of classes to learn or if the answer was no, there was no question of well why and what are your restrictions. Nutritionally breast milk is best for a newborn baby- there is no argument. So I think it should be encouraged more than it is in maternity hospitals. Everything I learned was self thought or from my beautiful sister in law. And 11 months ebf has also taught me tons. 
Here are a few interesting facts I didn’t know about breastfeeding and I think everyone should know! 

  • The amount of breast milk a woman produces has no relation to the size of the woman’s breasts. 
  • Babies that are breastfed have a lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 
  • Every mothers milk has a different and unique smell and a baby can differentiate between their mothers milk and a different woman’s.
  • A mothers milk is constantly changing depending on baby’s needs.
  • Skin to Skin contact in the first few hours after birth helps a baby breastfeed. It helps encourage their natural instinct to latch. A mothers breast can also detect if baby’s temp fluctuates even one degree and will warm or cool breast milk as needed.
  • Mothers can still breastfeed when they are sick, actually its amazing for baby because baby has already been exposed to the germs or virus and by the time mom is showing symptoms, baby is already receiving antibodies through her breast milk.
  • Breastfeeding can burn the same amount of calories as walking seven miles!!
  • Hormones released while breastfeeding actually sends signals to contract your uterus post baby, getting you pre baby tummy back in no time!
  • Breast fed babies get sick much reduces risks of stomach issues, gastroenteritis, ear infections, it reduces the risk of asthma, diabetes and childhood obesity.
Thanks for reading ladies,
lots of love,

Pregnancy Update… 13 Weeks pregnant

Hi everyone, 

Neil and I are so excited to announce we are expecting baby Doyle #3 in March 2016. 

Am I the only one that feels no matter what number pregnancy it is I feel like it’s the first all over again. “Is that normal? Is this normal?” It’s amazing which bits you forget. At 6 weeks pregnant I had some cramping and pains and felt a little worried but it was just stretching, which I knew in my gut it was but totally forgot from my last two pregnancies. 
Then came week 7 with what I dreaded most- morning sickness!! I had really bad morning sickness with Noa Belle and prayed it wouldn’t come back! But it did! Every weekend I spent in bed while Neil was off. I never understood why the call it “morning sickness” mine always lasted all day.. 
At 8 weeks I had bad tummy pains and still sickness morning to night.. Even with my  sickness with Noa Belle I did know what to expect but nothing prepares you for sickness morning to night and an 11 month old! 
At the end of our 8th week we had an early scan, we had one on Noa at the same time and it was really nice to just be reassured that although baby is the size of a rasberry there is a strong heartbeat and everything is where it is supposed to be. 
For me before the early scan I felt a little like am I even pregnant?!! Mad I know but I think when you have already been through two pregnancies and the bond that you develop with your unborn baby in the 10 months you’re carrying, it is quiet weird to have no feeling towards it or for me to feel very disconnected at the beginning.
Sickness and tiredness was really getting the better of me until 11 weeks when Neil and I and the kids went to lanzarote and since I never felt better. It might be coincedence approaching the 12 week mark or the help with the kids with Neil there and the lying by a pool 24/7 but I felt great and back to myself for the first time since we found out we were expecting! 
And just like clock work the day we came home I was sick all day and on the plane!! For anyone that has suffered morning sickness bad it can just come out of know where can’t it??! 
At 13 weeks I had my first visit in my maternity hospital, we’ve decided to go back to the national maternity hospital where Noa and Kyle were born! I always found them great and better the devil you know, right? 
As soon as I walked in it felt as if I had never left!! Even some of the staff still remembered me!! 
In our 13 week scan baby was opening and closing their mouth, and moving their little arms and legs around like crazy! It was surreal!! Even third time around!

How am I feeling? Today and this week I am feeling good. I am definitely alot more tired with this baby then the other two. But that’s expected with a 6 year old and a 1 year old!! We don’t have a lot of help with the kids either so takes it’s toll not getting a break when all you want to do is have a 10 min snooze! 
Size of baby? Our baby is the size of a lemon and the length of a pea pod this week! 3inches in length and 1 oz in weight!! 
Cravings? No cravings really so far. Just junk food and take aways- perhaps my body’s way of putting on weight??! 

Baby’s development this week? If baby is a girl she already has over 2 million eggs in her ovaries, how amazing is that?? 
Baby is sucking their thumb at this point and practicing for breastfeeding! 
Baby already has it’s own individual set of fingerprints! 
I’m so excited to be adding a pregnancy side to my blog and doing updates and pregnancy style! 
So stay tuned!! 
Thanks for reading! 
Lots of Love 

Boots Parenting Club

This morning Noa and I had the pleasure of going to the Boots Ireland Parenting Club launch.
Boots Parenting Club is available to mothers of children under 3 and also expectant mothers. When you sign up, you give information about your due date and/or you toddlers date of birth and in turn you receive emails with tailored advise about your specific child and the stage they are at at the moment and special offers.
Another amazing thing about Boots Parenting Club is when you are a part of it you will receive 10 advantage card points for every euro you spend across the baby department. this excludes as usual formula for under 6 months and medicines. Which I think is just so amazing, for products that you are buying everyday anyway you are getting 10cent back for every euro you are spending.
Boots baby section is so extensive, if you get all the bits you are buying everywhere else in there instead together, think how much you could be saving.
A fun promo they are also doing for the launch of their Parenting Club is that for any baby born today boots are giving a €20 voucher for the first 300 applicants- just email the name of your newborn to

So back to my morning, firstly it was so good to bring my 10 month old Noa with me. And the event was set up so well, so child friendly. There was loads of nibbles for mum and baby, tea and coffee and juices. Playmates on the floor and ball pits filled with balls that Noa was just loving! A clown doing face-painting and also crayons and pictures for the older kids to colour. Just set up so well and so relaxing for the mums that brought their little ones with them! They had samples off all products Boots have to offer which was great to see as I saw some products I never knew boots stocked. Noa was just loving Violet from leapfrog, that is definitely on our birthday list!

Aisling O’Loughlin gave a talk about her experiences as a mum. We also heard from Niamh O’Reilly from The Nursery and author of  “No Fuss Baby & Toddler Sleep” she gave a great talk and was so helpful in helping mums with any sleep problems they’re having. A boots Pharmacist was also on hand to answer any questions.

This was my vert first blogger event and I was so delighted to be part of it. It was great to meet some other bloggers and mums. And the goodie box at the end was amazing!!
Cant wait for the next one!!

Chilly Moo Review

So who doesn’t love ice cream? Well nobody in my house that’s for sure! Kyle is 5 and would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a constant battle to try get his dinner into him before the dreaded bells of the ice cream man coming into our estate!! But let’s get one thing clear Chilly Moo is not ice cream it’s frozen yoghurt and for me that’s the best bit! A healthy alternative for my little ice cream fiend!!

I first saw Chilly Moo in our local Tesco and always meant to pick some up to try! Chilly Moo is an Irish Frozen Yoghurt, 100% natural and a perfect alternative to ice cream for our whole family. 
Another battle we face everyday is our 10 month old Noa looking for some of Kyles ice cream which she cannot have! Chilly Moo is Gluten Free, 19% real fruit purée and sweetened only with fruit juice concentrates! (Low GI so no sugar highs for an already buzzing 5 year old) and it’s perfect for Noa to have a little taste while her big brother is having some! 
It’s low fat despite using full fat milk and yoghurt! So perfect for mummy to indulge a little too!

First to review was my brutally honest 5 year old Kyle. With his love for ice cream I was a looking forward myself to see how this great alternative measured up. As soon as he tasted it, it was love “wow mom it tastes like a milkshake” were his exact words! Good enough for me. It was then my turn to try! Strawberry and Banana was our first choice and I have to say Kyle was right it was amazing. Like so good!! I have found with a couple of different brands of froyo that they can be quite watery and lose their real flavour. I have to say honestly, Chilly Moo isnt one of them, it is creamy, full of flavour and absolutely delicious.

So next was Noa Belle, let’s just say for a little girl that has never had ice cream or any form of frozen yoghurt before u have never seen anything like her!!! She was instantly addicted. If any of you saw my snap chat stories or video on my Instagram you can see she is loving from the get go.. 

To the point where Kyle would walk into a room with some ChillyMoo in a bowl and our newly crawler would dart across the room saying mmmm….. She was literally liking the empty tub after Kyle!! 

It comes in a variety of different flavours. We tried strawberry, mixed berry and strawberry and banana. My favourite was strawberry and kyles was strawberry and banana. But actually all are equally as delicious! I also loved trying different things as toppings and mix it up a bit. Fruit salad and chopped nuts were favourites in our house.

For me personally I loved it and so did my kids. And it’s nice to know exactly what they’re getting in each bowl and not filling them with sugar! 
Try it, you won’t be disappointed. 
Thanks for reading 
All views are my own. 

Mommys Morning Routine!

I am not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. But having two little ones will definitely force you to be one. (Kicking and screaming for most) Noa wakes up at about 6 every morning and Kyle isn’t far behind her. As I am breastfeeding and co sleeping and sometimes feeding twice or three times during the night, my husband will get up with the kids and I can have an hour more sleep! Well that’s the plan anyway… 

Usually it was 8 am and i am was dragging myself up rushing around trying to get things done in a panic before we have to leave for school! Not a great start to the day for any of us a family. I decided to try make a few changes to benefit us all as a family. And start the day on a happier and much calmer tone. And hopefully carry it on throughout the day! 
Get up 30 mins earlier! 
So the first thing that was obvious to me was that I had to get up earlier. No matter what way Noa slept or how many times she nursed getting up earlier was the main change that had to be made. So alarm set and I am getting up regardless if everyone is still asleep. And regardless of how many times Noa nursed or what time I went to bed at!
Go to bed earlier! 
Neil and I had definitely fallen into the same situation I’m sure all parent do, trying to squeeze every second out of the time from when the kids go to bed till it’s time for us to go to bed. With the two kids asleep it’s so hard to leave that beautifully quiet and peaceful place where you can watch TV or read a book without any interruptions. Or catch up with your husband without having to start the story 4 times because you can’t remember what you are talking about!!!
Drink a glass of water! 
Water and breastfeeding go hand in a hand so for that reason I drink more water now than I ever have in my life! But drinking one glass as soon as you wake up literally kick starts your day! So I try do this every morning!
I always shower at night time. Seems a bit pointless but I can never face washing my hair in the morning and rushing trying to dry it. But in the morning I always waiting until Noa was having a nap before showering. (Just not washing my hair) It is much more beneficial now to shower first thing and I am a happier (cleaner) mommy and I don’t feel like I am chasing my tail all day. 
Have breakfast, and have it together! 
Sitting down together as a family at meal time is something my family always did when I was growing up and something that is really important to me now in my family. I always wait for my husband to be home before having dinner because I think it’s really important to reconnect as a family after a long day. So why was I rushing around and just grabbing something while we all ate the most important meal of the day seperately? Breakfast is a great time to connect as a family and talk about the day ahead because half an hour later everybody is doing seperate things and apart again! 
These few little changes have really made my life ironically easier. I am not chasing my tail all day I am ready to go and ready for the day ahead!! I am a happy mom and have a happier family for it!! 
Thanks for reading! 

30 uses for Coconut Oil

The uses for coconut oil are endless… google them! You will be amazed! But for this blog I will just outline the uses that I have experienced for coconut oil!

1. It helps to naturally clear up cold sores.
2.It can be used to treat a yeast infection.
3.A tablespoon taken when pregnant to help baby get fats needed for development.
4.To soothe sore nipples when breastfeeding.
5.To help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
6. Great for an alternative to oil or butter in cooking, I use it for stir fry.
7.As a coffee creamer when emulsified into coffee, so good!
8. As I mentioned in my previous post its anti bacterial properties are amazing on the face to help with acne or breakouts! When used regularly it has been proven to help rid the skin of acne. Used in conjunction with a skin care regime it works wonders. Read mine here..
9. All over the skin as a basic moisturiser.
10. Nappy Rash cream.
11. Eye make-up remover.
12. SPF4 sunscreen.
13.To help get rid of cradle cap.. massage into babies cradle cap and rinse in their bed time bath as normal.
14. Mix with equal parts brown sugar for an all over body exfoliator/scrub.
15. Massage oil.
16. On your lips as an effective lip balm.
17. Put directly onto perineum for relief and help healing after giving birth.
18. An amazing conditioner for your hair put on dry hair and then wash as normal.
19. Use on psoriasis or eczema on adults and children.
20. For breastfeeding moms take 3/4 tablespoons a day to boost milk supply.
21. Hubbys can use as a natural shaving cream or lotion.
22. Rubbed into the scalp it can stimulate hair growth.
23. As a natural lubricant, it doesn’t disturb vaginal flora. Doesn’t cause irritation.
24. Mix with equal parts salt to remove dead skin off the feet.
25. On its own for cracked heels.
26. As a natural baby lotion,
27. Can be used internally and externally to treat UTIs.
28. Rub on your cuticles to help nail growth.
29. Used externally on haemorrhoids.
30. Used internally in the ear can help speed up the healing of an ear infection.

Skin solution

After about 18 months of acne on my face and trying most skincare products out there I can FINALLY say it is almost gone!!!! And here’s how…..
When I got pregnant on my second baby, my daughter Noa my skin almost immediately became quiet irritated and my face broke out in acne areas. Not everywhere, usually just on my cheek bones. As a beauty therapist I tried everything I could think of products from phyts, decleor, dermologica and many more. I would never go to bed with my makeup on and my diet wasn’t too bad I couldn’t find a solution and I just gave up looking for one. 
After I had Noa it got worse and I thought maybe it was down to breastfeeding her. Over the last few months it’s been at it’s worst and really getting me down. I found Katie a skin guru on Instagram and among a few I emailed her and she got back to me almost immediately. 
She explained triggers and causes of acne and simple steps I could do to try and improve my acne. I was a little apprehensive at first because I never saw results in anything before but gave it a go. And with the advise of Katie and a few new products I can now for the first time in 18 months see it improving. 

Here’s what I did… 
1. Cut a lot of sugar and dairy out of my diet! 
2. Threw my make up wipes into the bin. 
3. Properly cleansed toned and moisturised my face every night. 
4. Exfoliate twice/three times a week. 
5. Mud mask once a week. 
And last change I really think made a huge impact. 
6. Moisturise with pure coconut oil every night. 

And that is it!! 
The redness is still there a little bit but the sore big bumps of acne are gone and I can’t believe it. 
The benefits of coconut oil are endless and that will be for another blog, but it’s anti bacterial properties are helping to clear my face for sure. 
Exfoliator and mask I am using at the mo is from botanics range in boots and coconut oil I pick up from my local supermarket, Super Value. It’s much cheaper then health food store.
Cleanser is garnier mi cellar water and it is amazing! But I also picked up a tea tree foam wash from lidl that is also amazing! It’s Light and easy! 

If you suffer from acne or breakouts I cant stress how much I think that these few changes have helped me and definitely the coconut oil has made such a big difference. Try it! You wont be disappointed!

Thanks for reading ladies,
Have a lovely weekend! 

Household hacks

As a busy mom (or just a busy bee in general?) we all want something to make the day just that little bit easier. So, I thought I would share with you a few little household hacks I have picked up over the last couple of years! 
A shelf above the bathroom door! 
We have a small bathroom for a house of four! Actually it was a small bathroom even when it was a house of two!! So we have a shelf above the bathroom door to store things we don’t use everyday. It’s great use of space that wouldn’t usually be used. And shelves are really cheap in ikea! 
Silver Rods and baskets 
Also in the bathroom, and also from ikea silver rods and baskets are also great for storage in a small bathroom! 

Binder clips! 
Use binder clips to keep your wires or chargers from getting lost down the back of a desk or a dresser. So simple and so neat!

Microwave Cleaner
Microwave water and lemons for 5 mins. Let them steam! And then wipe away a spotless microwave! 
Odd socks?? 
Fear no more.. Use washable mesh bags and get each family member one! Pop the dirty socks into them! Zip it up and into the washing machine! No more lost socks!!
Sweet smelling bathroom!
This is a little trick I started in my salon and now have moved into my home too! Where u have kitchen roll couch roll or toilet till sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the inside of the roll and there u go a beautiful smelling room until the roll needs replacing! My favourite is lavender or mandarin essential oil! 
Thanks so much for reading! 
Have a lovely day!

Crown brushes review

Hi ladies,
So I am such a sucker for sticking with what I know. Since I was 17 I’ve used MAC brushes. I’ve always loved them and they always did the trick, but I’ve always wanted to find an alternative. With two kids a husband and a house, my once loved MAC brushes are pretty low on the list of priorities! 
I saw the crown brush brand first when another Irish blogger so sue me put her name to a range of them. But as a sceptic, I wondered how much of her opinion was biased now being on the payroll!
So I thought what’s the harm I’ll give them a go! They aren’t too expensive ranging from €3 upwards! I bought an angled liner/brow brush, a concealer brush and two contour brushes! Delivery took just two days which was great! So I got down to it! I don’t know about you ladies, but for me I know if I like something straight away! I am a huge believer in your gut and I apply that to all aspects of life (even beauty products!) so I popped some concealer on the brush and began to put it on. Straight away I was impressed. The brushes are heaver than I expected. About the same as MAC I don’t know why I expected lighter but they’re not. They’re sturdy. As soon as I applied I knew what so sue me says about them is true! They are really worth every penny! I tried all the brushes and have been using them since and I have to say I was truly impressed. They make the job so easy and are worth every cent I spent on them! For me as a working mum of two I need something that does what it’s meant to do and is cheap, effective and most of all makes my life easier!! Love the brushes, love the price, love the quality. I would highly recommend them to a friend and if you haven’t tried them already you should. 
My next review will be on the foundation and some powder blender and blusher brushes but I am confident these will live up to my expectations! Stay tuned ladies! 
Have a look! You won’t be disappointed!